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    Toronto | The Saint | 148.74m | 46s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    During the morning of September 16 2020 at around 7:40am ET
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    St. Lawrence Market

    Very much appreciated! I admit my bias (as a full time resident of the neighbourhood since 2004) and I don't like the proposed changes at all. Cheers!
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    St. Lawrence Market

    I just read through the relevant documents. Does anyone know when, if not already, the full decision will be made public?
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    St. James Park Revitalization (PMA Landscape Architects)

    From my perspective, the design language of the pavilion pairs well with the new children's playground. I've lived in the neighbourhood since 2004 and I'm quite happy with the revitalisation master plan. Looks good!
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    St. James Park Revitalization (PMA Landscape Architects)

    Yes. I walked through the park about an hour ago. It's lovely what was done.
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    Absolutely. As a resident of the St Lawrence neighbourhood I often visit this relatively quiet part of Corktown regularly. I'd love to see Tandem and others thrive in the area for many years to come.
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    Time and Space Condos (Pemberton) - Real Estate -

    The answers are impossible to provide because the closing date and duration of delay(s) is dependent on lots of factors. It's like predicting the weather on a specific day years into the future. I suggest you ask the builder on the progress and timelines of the project.
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    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.60m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    on the contrary, if you're dropping seven figures on a penthouse unit you expect much in return. regardless, KING will be an interesting project to follow,
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    Moss Park / Queen & Sherbourne

    It's a shame. The project held much promise to bring needed revitalisation to the intersection and neighbourhood. It's a difficult area for sure.
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    Toronto | Yonge & Rich Condominiums | 156.35m | 46s | Great Gulf | architectsAlliance

    If you mean the parking lot directly north of 50 Lombard (Indigo Condos), there are no plans. There is / was, however, a proposal for 120 Church that wraps around 124 Church (McVeigh's Irish Pub). And, across Church at 89 Church Street...
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    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    One would hope a subway station at Steeles (and Yonge) will be completed after a solution has been implemented to ease transit congestion along the Yonge subway line.
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    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    Wow; I just got hit by another nostalgia trip when you mentioned CentrePoint Mall. During my childhood and throughout my teenage years, I visited the place at least twice a month. Known as 'Towne and Country Square' back then I primarily visited 'Oceania' that sold Marvel and DC Comics. That...
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    Toronto | 33 Sherbourne | 129.3m | 38s | Menkes | Giannone Petricone

    This proposal along with 'Time and Space' across the street will increase density tremendously in the area.
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    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.60m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    According to there's a sumac tree in the west penthouse. Maybe the maintenance fee will include the services of an arborist
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    Toronto | 133 Queen East | 125m | 39s | IBI Group

    That's not an easy intersection to gentrify. While I'm not a fan of any of the past / current proposals, I'm keen to see how this develops.
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    North York City Centre (Yonge & Sheppard)

    The area has certainly changed. From 1978 to 2004, I lived two blocks south west of Yonge and Finch, and I clearly remember almost all that was before North York City Centre. It's surreal for me to look about, via Google Maps, the stretch of Yonge from Steeles down to Sheppard. I can't help but...
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    St. James Park Revitalization (PMA Landscape Architects)

    The gazebo is now gone It'll be replaced with
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    Toronto | Canary Block Condos | 42m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    The area needs a major grocery retailer. Hopefully, the double height retail space of will attract the appropriate tenant.
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    To live, I very much prefer the older and more quiet St Lawrence Market neighbourhood compared to the bustle of King Street west of Peter. I understand how the Gardiner can be a mental and physical barrier, and I agree that Jarvis has gotten more congested and dangerous for people cycling and...
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    Just curious, what are the differences to which you're alluding? Although I don't intend to move away from St. Lawrence Market (been here since 2004 and loving it), I do visit Leslieville and Riverdale several times per season. Thanks!