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  1. cassius

    How Toronto Lost Its Groove

    Here's a 5-page article entitled "How Toronto Lost Its Groove: And why the rest of Canada should resist the temptation to cheer" from The Walrus. It's a pretty decent article covering land use, public transportation, immigration - throughout the GTA. Figured I'd post it here as I hadn't seen...
  2. cassius

    Need Urgent Advice on Condo Board Rules/Laws - Getting SCREWED!

    I'm in desperate need of advice on what to do about the situation I'm in.. Please bare with me. My brother and I own a condo townhouse in Pickering. Late last week we received a letter from our lawyer stating that our condo has gone into receivership. Surprised by this, we've obviously...
  3. cassius

    Toronto | Studio and Studio2 on Richmond | 131m | 41s | Aspen Ridge | Quadrangle

    Does anyone have any further details on this or know what it is? 199 & 181 Richmond Street West Intersection: South side of Richmond St, east of Duncan. Purchaser's Name: Aspen Ridge Homes Ltd Date of Sale: 26-Jul-07, 26-Jul-06 Sale Price: $29.7m Area (Acres): 1.151 # of Units: 500...
  4. cassius

    King West Condos

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any decent, new condos in the King West area from Peter Street on the east to Strauchan on the west? I'm looking for something in the $210k area - 1 bedroom. Maybe something by FREED, or are they out of that budget range?