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    Shabby Public Realm

    As for the poles being chopped half way, these are joint-use poles owned by Hydro. They install a new pole because the current has met its useful life. They re-lash onto the new pole and cut off the old pole where the hydro was connected. Then Bell / Rogers needs to come re-lash their cables...
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    City fed up with uncoordinated utility work

    I think it will be a long time before you see widespread coordination of all utilities. They cannot even coordinate with their own internal departments let alone other utilities and the city who they despise. Another issue is costs, everytime the city decides to rip up a road large or small...
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    Roncesvalles Reconstruction

    Track work was done by Sanscon. However, I did see some TTC welding staff on-site sometimes assisting. The issue with the Enbridge gas main was the contractor direct poured the new foundation for the tracks over top of the existing main. So Enbridge had Link Line breakout the main in order to...
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    John Street Revitalization

    Richmond and Adelaide are already like highways. It would not have the cold feel of a typical 401 style underpass. More like other city underpasses for rail like the GO crossing at Sterling & Bloor West or Davenport & Caledonia Park. Long smooth dips and not rollercoaster style drops like...
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    John Street Revitalization

    They should make is pedestrian only from the north curb of King to the south curb of Queen with driving underpasses for the Richmond & Adelaide intersections. That way you could also not have to worry about road closures for street events at MuchMusic or TIFF in the future. Problem with that...
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    Toronto | Queens Quay & Water's Edge Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Added lights will not make a noticeable difference as they will program them to prevent traffic from backing up too much. Also these stops will be where people will be getting off so does it really make a difference? Just seems like another stupid Star article trying to stir s**t up since it...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    I was in the Junction last night grabbing Indian food and noticed that Entera has almost finished replacing all of the handwell and/or lids for the streetlighting. Really neat seeing the new units as they have changed from a metal cast to HDPE. They even have a centred tow hook which makes...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    Mods, should this thread not be under the transportation & infrastructure heading? Also, I feel like we should be having a hydro thread and possibly a Bell FTTH thread? Interesting to hear about your experience Spider. You can definately welcome a lot of knowledge to the conversation...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    We will not have both copper and fibre services to the house once introduced. When the individual service is replaced to a home it will be a single pr fibre and no copper. For replacement purposes, It will be tricky project as the demarcation boxes on the house, building, etc will have to be...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    Couldn't tell you unfortunately as I do not work for Bell anymore. They like the keep most things very hush hush to the public until they are ready to unveil. Therefore, I will not know until the work orders start coming through. Once it is in place though I will let you know.
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    Spider, thanks for the addtional info. I too use to work for Bell. Were you an IM? You are completely right about the restrictions set out by the municipalities. As we know, a crew can bang out 6-8 aerials drops a day with $0 restoration costs and minimal equipment whereas to trench/drill a...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    Tewder, your comments about Toronto being 3rd world due to its aerial infrastructure I find funny? Majority of Canada's hydro and telecommunication infrastructure is all aerial. Since you think everything is buried I am going to make the assumption you live in the suburbs?? Only recently...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    As for Bell's FTTH program in Ontario. The first places you will being seeing it as per the pilot project is in new subdivisions in Peel / Halton / York Region and Ottawa. These services will all be buried as well. It is suppose to start in the very near future, can't announce exact dates...
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    Sudbury Street Extension Did not see a thread about this and currently it is well underway. Should be an interesting connection when completed. Was on-site this past Friday and Entera had completed installation of a new hydro chamber so utilities work is...
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    Tender for BRT
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    Toronto Sewage/tree root problems

    What you need is a contractor familiar with pipe bursting. This is by use of a HDD (horizontal directional drill) where the head splits open and breaks the old sanitary lateral into small pieces which are flushed out from the underground by the slurry (water & bentonite) that is pumped through...
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    Spate of Pedestrian Deaths in GTA

    Last Monday at Dixon Rd & Kelfield Rd (Hwy 27) uniformed TPS officers in yellow reflective jackets just kept crossing at green lights seeing if people would make right/left hand turns into them without looking. It was part of the blitz they were doing for awareness last week. I also saw them...
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    Why do police have to stand at construction sites?

    When you apply for your permits to the City to work in the street you have to advise them of your traffic plan. This is how you plan on controlling the flow of traffic and worker / public safety. The City will not approve your permits unless you advise that Toronto Police or a company like...
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    The City is fixing all the wrong roads

    Another reason the city holds off on re-paving roads is when the street is re-scheduled for watermain replacement because they are located in the travelled portion of the road off of the curb line. I believe this is the case with Bayview. As for utility cuts, utility companies pay large...