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    Toronto article in Fall 2009 Intelligent Life Magazine

    A sympathetic, if bizarrely distorted look at our city: Being There: Toronto The comments at the end are pretty sobering. Many of their criticisms are shallow and have more to do with personal ignorance and ethnocentrism, but they do contain some depressing kernels of truth.
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    Mississauga to get Sheridan College campus

    Mississauga News: City to get Sheridan College campus At Hurontario and Britannia, no?
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    Toronto to experiment with prohibiting right turns on red at some intersections

    Globe: Toronto's plan to restrict right turns has drivers seeing red
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    MCC: On-Street Parking

    Not too long ago Mississauga reclaimed a lane of Burnhamthorpe in the city centre and turned it into heavily used on-street parking, but this morning I noticed a parking officer handing out tickets to everyone parked in those spaces. Meters haven't been installed yet, so what gives? Would...
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    TTC: Vintage 1988 TV Commercials

    The TTC has been poor so long I'd completely forgotten that they actually used to advertise on TV! TTC We've Got A Good Thing Going 1988 "Dinner" TTC We've Got A Good Thing Going 1988 "Hockey" And just for fun: Tour of the Universe 1987
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    University of Guelph builds GO hub

    Article THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS University of Guelph builds GO hub Torstar Network Apr 21, 2007 GO Transit is starting a new express route between the University of Guelph and Mississauga. The university will build a transit hub in front of the University Centre to accommodate the...