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  1. Canuck

    Recent Architecture in Toronto compared to other cities

    A frequent argument put forward by those who dismiss Toronto architecture is that our recent built form lacks when we look at comparable cities. Frankly I'm not sure where this idea comes from. Looking at Chicago for instance, they are building some fantastic skyscrapers/midrises in the...
  2. Canuck

    Boris2k7 - pictures on Skyscraperpage

    User Boris2k7 posted some great shots. The pictures were taken all over the downtown area: Part I Part II Part III
  3. Canuck

    Toronto | Luna at Concord CityPlace | 126m | 38s | Concord Adex | Core Architects

    Aug 22 Luna (Site is down below, at grade with the piling machine)
  4. Canuck

    Anyone seen Evil Dead the Musical?

    I've been inspired to go see the musical, and I'm wondering if any forumers have seen and have reviews of it. It looks like a lot of fun, and I think I'd like to sit in the splatter zone: