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  1. Irishmonk

    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    It might make a nice down payment for HSR between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
  2. Irishmonk

    Toronto | Quay House | 73.15m | 21s | Empire | Kirkor Architects

    The only saving grace for this tone deaf, clunky piece of garbage is its moderate height and (meagre!) setbacks, which means it won't be very visible from most angles. Reduced height or bolder setbacks would be a slight improvement.
  3. Irishmonk

    King Portland Centre and Kingly Condos | 58m | 15s | Allied | Hariri Pontarini COMPLETE

    This might be another high water mark for HP. Blows me away how exceptional they can be when paired with the right developer. As someone upthread said, this development is sublime and filled with exquisite details. (I don't even mind the bare concrete column--it adds yet another texture imo)
  4. Irishmonk

    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    Well, looks like America has fully embraced its new role as a present day dystopia.
  5. Irishmonk

    Toronto | Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Province of Ontario | Zeidler

    Can't think of a worse time to be even thinking about constructing an amusement park. I bet the announcement will be to announce the announcement of a coming announcement.
  6. Irishmonk

    Toronto | Union Centre | 274.18m | 52s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Actually, this bad boy is inches shy of 900 feet. =)
  7. Irishmonk

    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    It's hard to engage in meaningful debate with racists and ignorant fools who don't believe in science.
  8. Irishmonk

    Toronto | West Block Est. 1928, The LakeShore, and The LakeFront | 130.75m | 41s | Choice Properties | architectsAlliance

    All of the pocket parks springing up across the downtown are nice, but the lack of a single large multipurpose park in, or adjacent to, downtown Toronto is probably the biggest strike against the city--at least insofar as it's overall layout is concerned. A rail deck park connected to the Fort...
  9. Irishmonk

    Toronto | 1140 Yonge Street | ?m | 13s | Devron Developments | AUDAX

    Two thumbs way up for this one. Fits very nicely into this upscale nabe, esp. the retail level which actually adds to the surrounding mix, rather than sterilizing it, unlike most sheets of glass condo podiums. Just hope there is no cheapening.
  10. Irishmonk

    Toronto | ANX | 47.85m | 13s | Freed | Teeple Architects

    Please build this!--and with no cheapening. I'm desperate for anything positive in this hell in a hand basket world.
  11. Irishmonk

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Somebody needs to paint a mural on that nasty grey slab sitting atop the Cityplace tower. Smh, what were they thinking?
  12. Irishmonk

    Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil

    If Brazil can't figure out how to get rid of Bolsonaro within the next 6 months, then it should be considered a failed state (if it isn't one already).
  13. Irishmonk

    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    They were equally disturbing to my eyes. In addition, the police lied in their report saying the man "tripped and fell". There is something rotten at the core of policing in the US. Chris Hayes sums it up nicely in this clip:
  14. Irishmonk

    Rail Deck Park (?, ?, ?)

    A 1 billion dollar rail deck park. C'mon! A 1.8 billion dollar rail deck park. C'mon! A 3.8 billion dollar rail deck park. C'mon! A....
  15. Irishmonk

    Parade at Concord CityPlace | 127m | 44s | Concord Adex | P + S / IBI COMPLETE

    These buildings have become very familiar and somewhat iconic thanks to Covid 19 and the National. I wish the skybridge lights would stay on a bit longer as they seem to shut off soon after the start of Adrienne Arsenault's broadcast.
  16. Irishmonk

    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    America has become a cesspool of violence and corruption. The .1% have taken control of all the political/social machinery and left everyone else to fend for themselves. And this is the result. At least once a day I acknowledge how lucky I am to be a Canadian.
  17. Irishmonk

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    The Zombie apocalypse has begun...
  18. Irishmonk

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    Maybe they think that shutting down streets to cars and turning them into pedestrian zones is a gateway to hordes of infected people looting stores and creating general mayhem. ( similar to what happens in most pandemic/dystopian movies)
  19. Irishmonk

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    ^Backyard vegetable gardens are going to be all the rage this spring/summer. Probably a good idea to order seeds now.
  20. Irishmonk

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    My god, he's sounding like last week's Trump. Has he not watched any news over the last 48 hours? Maybe he's still so broken up over the failure of his beloved blue license plates that he can't process any additional bad news.