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  1. PukeGreen

    Woman dies after being struck by bike on sidewalk

    What's this? I thought it was illegal to ride an adult-sized bike on a Toronto sidewalk. This year I've noticed it worse than ever and I've almost been hit by numerous bikes while walking. Maybe this incident will help spur some change. --- Woman, 56, dies after being struck by bike on...
  2. PukeGreen

    When the next wave wipes out (De-gentrification)

    There's a bit of an interesting article in IHT (and probably the NYT, too) about a receding tide of gentrification in some US neighbourhoods. The cool coffee shops and specialty shops are going under in the recession, leaving new residents surround by only the very uncool businesses that...
  3. PukeGreen

    NYT: Downtowns Across the U.S. See Streetcars in Their Future

    Toronto is a few steps ahead of the trend this time. Here's a brief article in the NYT about various US cities planning to (re)build light rail transit in their downtowns in the form of streetcar lines. The arguments against this seem very odd: "growth along streetcar lines is dependent on...
  4. PukeGreen

    Organic/Local Food Delivery?

    My wife and I are thinking of signing up for one of the many organic and local produce delivery services that seem to be sprouting up everywhere these days. Problem is, when I turn to Google there are just too many options and I don't know where to begin aside from randomly choosing, which...