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  1. WanderLust

    Is there some kind of fly / bug invasion going on last week or so ?

    Has anyone been invaded by a bunch of flies ? These bugs sort of look like fruit flies, but I don't think they are, they just sort of showed up the last few days. I went out on my terrace this afternoon and I swear there were millions of these things. Anyone know what these could be ?
  2. WanderLust

    Good layout for terrace unit ?

    This is supposed to be 661 interior space with 263 exterior terrace and unobstructed western exposure over skyline. Is this a good use of space ?
  3. WanderLust

    PACE - 619 square footer - southwest exposure ... opinions ?

    I perused the floor plans for the new PACE and was mostly disappointed, but this one stood out as a winner, kind of. Big bathroom ... wasted space at entrance, but might have magnificent views and light if higher up.