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  1. Dilla

    A very Toronto music video by Len

    The song should be called "please licence me", but it's not terrible. The video is one of the most Toronto-centric things i've seen.
  2. Dilla

    Queen Street West Toronto Scroll

    A cute little video showing Queen west over the years as a very slow Mario Brothers game.
  3. Dilla

    Summit Energy

    I had one of the guys from this company knock on my door last week and presented me with a 5 year cotnract on electricity where the rates for smart meter electricy would be slightly lower than the governments are now, and would not increase for the duration of the contract. As their rates are...
  4. Dilla

    HSR that doesn't stop.

    Holy hell, this is an awesome idea.
  5. Dilla

    Building Collapse at Yonge and Gould?

    CBC radio just reported this, but I can't find anything else. Anyone around there? Twitter's all on it, of course.
  6. Dilla

    The Economist: The charms of Calgary and the gloom in Toronto The comments on The Economist website are quite interesting.
  7. Dilla

    Denver's transport woes So it would seem that even "steady funding" isn't always going get these things finished. I worry for TC.
  8. Dilla

    3 collectors charged in TTC fare scam Yet another reason to automate this job. As if we needed it.
  9. Dilla

    Some great rooftop photos from BlogTO

    Not a tonne of pics, but there's great variation in styles and good commentary.
  10. Dilla

    Pride Week, MP under fire after Tory outcry "The pro-life and the pro-family community should know and understand that the tourism funding money that went to the gay pride parade in Toronto was not government policy" - Brad Trost Ok, there's a thousand things wrong with...
  11. Dilla

    Urban 3D Modeling

    While i don't know much about 3D modeling (read: anything about 3D modeling). There are some crazy new programs about. These i found very impressive, if I had the money...
  12. Dilla

    Buying TTC tokens

    About a year ago, the local store where i used to buy tokens stopped selling them. Maybe they were fake and they only stopped because the new ones came out, but the woman behind the desk told me it was due to the TTC changing the minimum number it would sell to retailers. She said she didn't...
  13. Dilla

    Ossington Avenue Reviewed in the UK Guardian Streets ahead Each week we visit an emerging neighbourhood in a different city. This week: Ossington Avenue in Toronto Enzo DiMatteo, associate editor, Now Magazine, Toronto The Guardian, Saturday October 25...
  14. Dilla

    Another Silly "Top" list Even though it's silly, I posted it as I had never seen "aqua" or the "regatta hotel" before. Amazing stuff.
  15. Dilla

    from the Star Falling debris kills worker at condo site 55-year-old becomes GTA's second industrial fatality in a month May 13, 2008 04:30 AM Sarah Boesveld Staff Reporter A construction worker on a downtown site lost his life yesterday when a falling sheet of...
  16. Dilla

    Broadview and Queen to Eglinton and Laird by TTC

    Hey guys, My friend's work just moved and now he's gotta take the TTC from Broadview and Queen to Eglington and Laird. He's tried a few different ways and still isn't satisfied that he's going about things the most efficient way he could. Any suggestions as to the best TTC route to take...
  17. Dilla

    Canadian Shows on U.S. TV

    New CTV show to air on CBS Americans liked idea of cop show set in 'sexy' Toronto, Flashpoint executive producers say Jan 30, 2008 04:30 AM Bruce DeMara Entertainment Reporter CTV has scored a major coup with its upcoming new series Flashpoint, which will air on a major U.S. network...
  18. Dilla

    Accident, Scaffolding Collapse at Trump Soho; One Fatality, At Least One Injured Breaking: Accident, Scaffolding Collapse at Trump Soho; One Fatality, At Least One Injured There are reports that a crane lost its load of concrete beams at Spring and 6th Avenue. The beams hit the building and sidewalk scaffolding and...
  19. Dilla


    So, what was formerly Javaville (NE corner of Parliament and Carlton) is now being gutted, as is the old Cabbagetown restaurant (SE corner of Parliament and Spruce). Anyone heard what might be going in these places? Also, there was an Enbridge truck in front of where the Starbucks is going...
  20. Dilla

    New Condos in Vegas

    This website is really well done. The buildings aren't bad, either. D.