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  1. andomano

    Obama replaces high speed rail with high speed BRT - The Onion

    From The Onion, America's Finest News Source
  2. andomano

    EverLine Rapid Transit System

    The Everline Rapid Transit System is set to open in July 2010, and the transit company has released the following video. I don't understand Korean myself, but the message of the video is quite clear. The vehicles were manufactured by Bombardier (Thunder Bay Plant). Enjoy...
  3. andomano

    Olympic Figure Skaters, offensive or not?

    There's a little bit of controversy surrounding the Russian figure skating pair of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin. Apparently the costumes they wore during the competition were already toned down versions of what they were originally supposed to wear, so they already knew they were skating...
  4. andomano

    New GO BiLevel VIIs (From T.Bay)

    Walked by the factory last night, and there were 4 brand new Bi-Level VIIs. 3 did not have numbers, and one sported # 2736.
  5. andomano

    Most "Walkable" Mall in the GTA

    Of all the regional malls in the GTA, which do you folks think is the most walkable. This may mean different things to some people, such as atmosphere, stairs-escalator ratio, you name it. Personally, I enjoy the Scarborough Town Centre since it's possible to walk the mall without passing the...
  6. andomano

    Damaged T1 Cars from Apr. 2008 Accident

    This thread has been created mainly to end the confusion that has plagued the new subway thread. The report from the TTC lists the damaged cars as 5185, 5184, 5326, and 5327. Repairs for these 4 cars have been ballparked at 3.6 million, with the TTC reserving 4.1 million as an upset amount...
  7. andomano

    Canadian Tire... Coins?

    Canadian Tire is possibly shifting from the current paper money we all know and love to coins. Difficult decisions like these are tough for companies, let's figure it out ourselves :p New Canadian Tire coin set to roll out? December 02, 2009 Iain Marlow Article Available here...
  8. andomano

    MTV Live defaces bus shelter

    On tonight's MTV Live there was an issue with a certain ad on the bus shelter directly outside of the Masonic Temple at Yonge and Davenport. It was an ad for a TV show on a rival channel, MuchMusic, which obviously didn't sit well with the hosts. They proceeded to tape pictures of Daryn Jones'...
  9. andomano

    Toronto Rocket Subway Cars

    Thought we could use a thread strictly for photos. Enjoy. Share yours too.
  10. andomano

    Sharon Yetman's Subway Safety Plan (Better barrier for subways 'an obsession')

    Better barrier for subways 'an obsession' Inspired by news report, small-town inventor pitches her idea to any civic official who'll listen Published On Wed Nov 04 2009 Sharon Yetman...
  11. andomano

    Do GO Fare Zones Really Exist?

    Of course they exist, but is there a link or map that is available to the public to visualize them? I have checked the GO transit website and have found nothing. I've searched Google and have come up with nothing. My personal purpose of this is for purchasing a day pass which will allow...
  12. andomano

    UTDC Kingston

    I'm planning on passing through Kingston near the end of the month and am looking to visit the UTDC site near Millhaven. I wanted to check that I had the correct location first, which according to the TransitToronto article about it, it's near Millhaven, near 133 and 33. I'm assuming it's...
  13. andomano

    Shipfulls of PCCs Anyone?

    From the Toronto Archives
  14. andomano

    Toronto Transit Trivia

    I'm going to start this new thread as a chance for people to share and test others on their transit knowledge. To start things off with a relatively easy one; What two subway stations do you need to walk through a Sears to get to access to from the main portion of a mall?
  15. andomano

    Plows on the 401

    I'm presenting a seminar in a few weeks on the management of salt resources, and I'm wondering if anyone would have any photos that I could use of the armada of plows on the 401?
  16. andomano

    Top 5 Spots on a Subway

    Found this while surfing. It's a little dated, but still worth the read. Top 5 Spots on a Subway: A Glance at How We Sit and Stand The timing of this has nothing to do with the upcoming TTC...
  17. andomano

    Gloucester trainset at Greenwood?

    I was just bumming around on live maps and stumbled across a train set with two considerably shorter cars. Is this the garbage train? anyone have photos or links (other than transit toronto)...
  18. andomano

    Teston Road

    Does anybody know the current status of the project to connect Teston between Keele and Dufferin, and the HWY 400 interchange? This is the only piece of info I can find about it, and google maps, well its turning out to more and more out of date...
  19. andomano

    Happenings at the Bombardier Plant

    I drove by the bombardier plant today and took a couple pics. There is currently around 10 double decker cars that are going to be sent down to Albuquerque, New Mexico and also about 8 of 30 ART cars that will be shipped to South Korea for the Yongin EverLine Rapid Transit System. Does...