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  1. christof53

    Toronto Dancing!

    People dancing around Toronto to The Bicycles, a Toronto band. It'll make you smile.
  2. christof53

    China builds a 15 storey apartment building in 6 days

    Super Efficient Crew Builds 15-Story Chinese Hotel In Just SIX DAYS (VIDEO) Behold China's real estate boom, in time-lapse! It took just six days to build the Ark Hotel in Changsha. According to the video, no stationary cranes were used in construction and there wasn't single injury among the...
  3. christof53

    Physical models a thing of the past?

    I saw this video of a new technology called "holographic displays" being used as a replacement for a physical model of a building or streetscape. It's very interesting technology as it seems to allow one to 'explore' a rendered image of the building, the only problem I see is when the light...
  4. christof53

    Ottawa Convention Centre (BBB Architects)

    FACILITY OVERVIEW A bold, modern design, a bright naturally-lit interior, magnificent views...the all-new Ottawa Convention Centre will offer an unparalleled, environmentally-responsible setting and support for Ottawa conventions, conferences, meetings and exhibits – large and small. Its...
  5. christof53

    Toronto: One Of The Top Ten Most Photographed Cities In The World

    This was featured on earlier today, I thought it was pretty neat. took the statistics of the number of tags related to cities around the world on flickr and composed a top ten list.
  6. christof53

    New Canadian Film "One Week"

    "One Week" When a young man is confronted with his mortality, he takes a cross-country road trip on a vintage motorcycle. One Week tells the story of Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), in his mid-twenties, who flees from the confines of his life—an impending marriage, a job he’s not entirely happy with...