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    Multiple Victims of Shooting in Scarborough

    One person has been confirmed dead in a shooting in Scarborough. As many as 10 other people have been injured including children. It all happened just before 11 o'clock on Monday evening, when police responded to an incident they called 'something major' in the Morningside and Lawrence...
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    Housing Hell: Our most vulnerable living in deplorable conditions

    Some of the crime sounds disturbing regarding TCHC housing... Anyhow regarding the George Hallam case example, I wonder if those with mental issues should be hospitalized or placed in special care institutions. They don't really need an apartment to live in. They need people to take care of...
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    toronto island ferry

    Does anyone know if Toronto Island Ferry is only closed today or for the duration of the strike?
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    Boutique Condos (Urban Capital, Malibu Investments, Alit) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone know the floor plan size for Hempel and Lennox model at boutique?
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    historical real estate prices

    Does anyone know where I can get or does anyone have records of stats for the toronto area? I'm specifically looking at the average price stats for c13. Thanks.