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  1. yoshirocks702

    505 - 591 Liverpool Rd, Pickering (Pickering Harbour Company, 3s, ?)

    The Pickering Harbour Company Ltd., is proposing a mixed-use development consisting of two buildings having heights of 23 storeys containing a total of 498 apartment units with approximately 1,900 square metres of grade related commercial uses. The proposal also includes a total of 539 parking...
  2. yoshirocks702

    Toronto Plaza Hotel - 1677 Wilson Avenue (Sunray Group, ?s, ?)

    Sold for $20.5 million, Potential redevelopment site.
  3. yoshirocks702

    2233 Sheppard Ave W (?, 1s, Glenn Piotrowski)

    2233 SHEPPARD AVE W Ward 07 - Etob. York District ►View All Properties Proposed industrial park (3 industrial buildings). involves partial demolition of existing main building with Buildings A and C to be built; then it involves demolition of remainder of original main building and...
  4. yoshirocks702

    2200 Islington (?, 2s, Turner Fleischer)

    2200 ISLINGTON AVE Ward 02 - Etob. York District ►View All Properties Draft Plan of Subdivision to accomodate a proposed 'U' shape public road. Proposed road would provide access to the proposed four commercial blocks throughout the site. Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---...