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  1. Jaguar4u

    Electric Youth Rally

    There will be an Electric Youth Rally on Friday December 4th, 2009 10 am - 2 pm at Yonge-Dundas Square featuring a live performance by "Two Foot Falls" and more.
  2. Jaguar4u

    L Tower Condos (Cityzen, Castlepoint Realty, Fernbrook Homes) - Real Estate -

    I admit the "boot" grew on me, and the shock of loosing it was a bit sudden, however, the new design is far superior. It does not intrude on the Sony Centre. The new design separates the L-Tower from the Sony Centre. Way better than the "Boot" design. Daniel Libeskind all the way!
  3. Jaguar4u

    Union Station for a "World Class City"

    It is my opinion that we need to put a lot of money into revitalizing Union Station and it's connection to Harbourfront. I am aware that Union station is getting a face lift, however we need to do more to become a World Class City. Have you seen the train station in Berlin? I am not saying we...
  4. Jaguar4u

    Future of Maple Leaf Gardens as a Casino

    Anyone know the latest on the future of the Gardens? It's my old neighborhood and I would like to see it refurbished with some modern additions and lighting to make it look good and open it up as a casino. Toronto and Ontario could sure use the cash, and lots of it. If you are worried about...