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  1. Platform 27

    Metrolinx seeks new President & CEO

    Metrolinx's current CEO, former Toronto Star publisher J. Robert Pritchard, was apparently tapped to lead the agency just through its past year of transition and reorganization. Now, they appear to be in the market for someone permanent. Here's the official job description: Metrolinx An...
  2. Platform 27

    Toronto | TYSSE: Pioneer Village Station | 12m | 1s | TTC | aLL Design

    Ooh, ooh, new TTC agenda package materials! How nonchalant to slide that in, nfitz :) Steeles West is the only conceptual design ready for sign-off this month, so that leaves, by my count, Finch West and the two York Region stations as the laggards. Price is up to $145 million, allegedly due...