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    World's largest PRT system (105 km) fast-tracked in Gurgaon, India

    The system is 105 km, 143 stations. The vendor is ULTra, the private developer is Fairwood Holdings, an infrastructure company that partnered with ULTra on the smaller Amritsar system under construction. Three phases will be built at the same time, to be completed in 2.5 years. Fares are set...
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    Essay on why efficient urban transportation needs to use the third dimension

    An essay that some here might find interesting. ------------------------------------------- The other day I read a paper promoting “robocars†and related technologies and I ran into the following quote: “There are two weaknesses in the PRT idea. 1. The need to construct new...
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    Amritsar, India will become second installation of ULTra PRT

    While ULTra is pretty far removed from an ideal PRT system, it is encouraging to hear that the technology will have an opportunity to be proven in an urban application. Considering that 700 million people will be moving to cities in the next few decades, creating hundreds of new cities, it is...
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    TTC route ridership/operating costs

    Does anyone know of sources for statistics on TTC route operating costs and ridership statistics, particularly the bus routes? I think the ridership stats are obtainable, but I've been unable to locate operating costs broken down by route.
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    Montreal hotels

    Any favourites? I don't need anything particularly luxurious. Preferably near the subway.
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    Ontario's deficit grows: MoveOntario in trouble?

    I can't help but wonder what the government will do in order to fill such a huge gap in their budget. I suspect that big-ticket capital projects like MoveOntario will be among the first to face cuts. Maybe this will mean a decrease in scope, or maybe it will mean Metrolinx will no longer be able...
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    Restaurants near Yonge/Sheppard

    Any recommendations?
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    Election 2009

    I guess I'll kick off discussion of the soon-to-be-called federal election. Apparently Harper is doubling down and saying that it's majority or bust for his government. Do you think this is a wise strategy for Harper to take? It makes anything short of a majority a failure on his part. And...
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    Vancouver Sun: 'HST is good public policy'

    Thought some people might be interested in some more intelligent media analysis of the HST. This is from the BC perspective, but the issues are quite similar here in Ontario. You can love it or hate it but the HST is good public policy Vancouver Sun September 1, 2009...
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    Tories can dish it, but can't take it

    The hypocrisy is really rather astounding, especially considering that Kinsella has a more legitimate case of libel, whereas the CPC suit was just a tactic to prevent the LPC from discussing the issue in public.
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    'Back on Tracks' - Feature about rail freight possibilities

    I found this a couple days ago. Not quite about Toronto, I suppose, but interesting nonetheless. It certainly opened my eyes to the extent to which rail freight is really being held back by the lack of infrastructure. Back on Tracks
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    Travers: The quiet unravelling of Canadian democracy

    The quiet unravelling of Canadian democracy Muzzled MPs. A powerless cabinet. Politicized senior bureaucrats. Unaccountable parties. Canada's democracy is in trouble. To fix it we have to connect the dots April 04, 2009 James Travers OTTAWA–For a foreign correspondent reporting some of...
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    Former Harper CoS: GST cut 'worked' because it helped elect CPC

    From Macleans. A bit shocking, to me at least. Ian Brodie offers a candid case study in politics and policy Ian Brodie offers a candid case study in politics and policyIan Brodie, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, delivered an astonishingly frank explanation today...
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    Clever trash bin

    From Scientific American: BIG BELLY: By incorporating solar cells into the top of a trash compactor, Big Belly Solar has created a new urban...
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    Mr. Two-Face: Harper attacks Liberals, Obama in private speech to party

    From The Star: Harper attacks Liberals, Obama in private speech to party March 13, 2009 Jennifer Ditchburn THE CANADIAN PRESS OTTAWA – Stephen Harper made two very different sales pitches for his economic plan this week: one a public pep talk to jittery Canadians, the other a private...
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    Ontario renewables set to explode

    Macleans blog pointed out something I missed this week. From The Star: Fixed prices proposed for green-energy projects March 12, 2009 Tyler Hamilton Energy Reporter Renewable energy in Ontario got a massive boost Thursday with the proposal of a fixed-price plan that, by June, could...
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    'Peter McKay is an empty suit'

    Interesting bit of media manipulation by the Harper regime. I'm annoyed that they decided it was worth making Canada look foolish... from Dan Gardner's blog:
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    Tories blamed for coming deficits

    All I can say is *sigh*. ------------------------------------------------------------- Tories blamed for coming deficits GST cut, spending driving Canada into red, Budget officer Kevin Page warns David Akin Canwest News Service Thursday, November 20, 2008 Page said...
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    Open letter on climate policy from 230 Canadian economists

    From Stephen Gordon's blog: An open letter to the leaders of Canada’s federal political parties from economists teaching in Canadian colleges and universities The press release and the list of signatories (more than 230 and counting) are over here. Here's the letter: One of the few issues on...
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    one conservative's plan for Harper majority...

    For those of you who thought I was exaggerating when I suggested that elements of Harper's party will be pushing for something like the agenda that follows. Interesting that he used the same 'salt the earth' metaphor.... He and I have a similar vision, except for him it's a dream and for me a...