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    Toronto | Taylor, The | 121m | 36s | Tricon House | Diamond Schmitt

    Anyone know why they switched from the yellow brick in the original renderings to the current brown ones? It's too bad. I like the early versions better. And what's up with keeping the gas station? Any plans to tear that down?
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    Toronto | OCAD U: 100 McCaul | ?m | ?s | OCADU | Diamond Schmitt

    I hope they turn the street south of this new building - the street leading to the park - into a car-free public space. The whole block including the tower under construction all pay such homage to one another. It would be cool if the street could too.
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    OCAD U: Rosalie Sharp Pavilion | ?m | 3s | OCADU | Bortolotto COMPLETE

    Any updates on the Creative City complex OCAD announced back in 2017? Haven't heard a peep about it in over a year. The art on this new building looks fantastic in the rendering. The condo going up down the road is cool too. It's like the creative energy of the museum and table top building...
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    Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (Queen's, Kingston, Snohetta)

    there are some nice images linked to this site. it doesn't have the grandeur of the opera hall in oslo, but for an ontario university it's pretty damn impressive.