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    Dirty money driving up Toronto real estate prices Dirty money is driving up Toronto real estate prices, report says Toronto’s real-estate market welcomes criminals, giving them an easy way to invest dirty money and driving up...
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    Soufi's to close after receiving death threats

    Does anyone know whats going on here?? Were they threatened by right-wing extremists, or some other group??
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    Free speech or hate speech??

    Should this parking ticket officer be fired for his comments?? Or is it freedom of speech??
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    Is there a reason Toronto condo's are only allowed a certain height??

    Okay so correct me if I'm wrong, but very few Toronto downtown condo buildings are higher then 50 or 60 stories (or around there). Is there a reason why the city wont allow a 100-story building?? or maybe even 150 to 200 stories?? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Go ahead and flame me if...
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    Does Faith Goldy et al have a point???

    Judge for yourself: I dont agree with many of her policies, but do the not far right-wing or far left-wing citizens of our country not also have a right to speak?? And if not, where do we start drawing the lines?? While we're at it, lets ban the communist party because to me they are a...
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    Whats the maximum weight a condo floor can hold?

    Does anyone know what the maximum weight an average condo floor can hold? Reason I'm asking is I play sports and I do a lot of deadlifting. I'm worried I might crack the floor every time I put the weights down. If you dont know what deadlifting is, here's a video:
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    I'm buying a new condo

    So I'm buying a new condo. Its a 3-bedroom unit downtown Toronto. Its listed for 830,000. Obviously I'm not going to pay what its listed for. I have 2 questions for you guys, please: 1. How much do you guys think I should offer for it?? 2. And how much should I list the condo for that I...
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    Toronto Icestorm of 2013

    How many of you are without power?? I'm downtown (Ave Rd & Bloor) and everything is normal here. Just some slippery sidewalks