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    Map of entrances

    I did a google search but came up empty handed. I'm looking for a subway entrance map. Sort of a blow up of each intersection that has a subway station with a marking to show where all the various entrances are. Does such a thing exist? Thanks..
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    Opinions on West end Buildings

    In a few months I'm looking for rent a condo or apartment in the west end. I'm hoping to get a place that's within walking distance of Kipling or Islington subway station. Does anyone have thoughts on some of the places around there? Nice buildings, well maintained, decent residents, etc? I'd...
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    Recent "sold" units in my building

    Is there any way other than contacting an agent that I can see what units sold recently and for what price in my building? Thanks..
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    Support for tapatalk

    Any chance that this forum could be supported on Tapatalk? It makes forum reading a real breeze on a phone/tablet.
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    Maximum number of elevators?

    I'm living in a new condo that's still partially under construction. We've got a real issue during the day with trades using the elevators and having to wait ages. We have 3 elevators but one of them has not been working for a couple of weeks. One of my neighbours told me that when she...
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    Occupancy Fees and tax returns

    When you are paying occupancy fees, do you mark down what you paid as "rent" on the following years tax return?
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    New condos and increased budgets

    Does anyone know (if possible, links to something concrete) how much a builder is allowed to increase a budget for a newly occupied condo? There has to be a limit to stop builders offering amazing condo fee rates to then jack them up when the building is complete.
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    The condo act, board powers, registration, etc..

    Very soon I'm going to be moving into a new condo. I'm considering running for the board. I would appreciate it if someone with experience could give an idea of what sort of things are to be expected, some of the pitfalls, highlights, etc. On the turnover day, does the new board get elected...
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    Lighting stores

    Can anyone recommend a store with a good selection of light fixtures? I'm looking to get a 3 set pendant light to go over the breakfast island of my almost complete condo. One catch is that I need a fairly large "box" at the top to cover up 2 electrical boxes in the ceiling.. Not found...
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    Do I have any rights against lousy property management?

    I'm hoping someone here can give me advice. In November I moved into a condo unit in Toronto that I'm renting on a 1 year lease. A couple of weeks after I moved in I had a backup of filthy water through the kitchen sink. Flooding all over the place and soaking the carpet in the adjacent...
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    Billboard on Gardiner/QEW

    A couple of days ago I caught a glimpse of a billboard that's on the Gardiner/QEW around Islington. It's on the north side, facing for west bound traffic to read. It was some sort of community group website about smart meters and inflated hydro bills. I've been searching google and was not...