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    Future of Commuting - Forbes

    There's a series of articles on confidently asserting that the car centric, exurban culture will withstand the collapse of the oil economy. An interesting topic to...
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    Looking for a bike lock up, shower at Yonge and King

    I've got a new job that is better in every respect than my old job EXCEPT for ease of bicycle commuting. The building I used to work in had a bike room and a shower. The building I now work in, at Yonge and King, doesn't seem to have anything like that. I need a to find a safe place to...
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    2007 Ontario Election: John Tory throws the Election!

    Creationism raised as Ont. election issue Too bad. There could have been some worthwhile debate about real issues in this election: pollution, transit, funding municipalities, etc. But Tory is determined to do himself in by bringing up fringe issues that the public either doesn't want to...