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  1. Hypnotoad

    Construction update March 30

    Photos also loaded to P&C threads. ICE * * * * Southcore & Delta WaterPark III Waterlink Spectra & Quartz * * * * * Library District Condos 300 Front Pure/Clear Spirit...
  2. Hypnotoad

    Toronto photos circa 1989

    Some scans from a photo book published in 1989. Things have changed. BCE Place under construction The emergence of a waterfront development cluster Waterpark Place 2 while under construction Renderings from the proposed World Trade Centre plan After they were...
  3. Hypnotoad

    U of T: Munk School of Global Affairs (Bloor & Devonshire, KPMB) COMPLETE

    From Tuesday's Globe and Mail It’s Janice Stein’s dream and Peter Munk’s money: the vision of a global plaza reconfiguring Toronto’s downtown Bloor Street West and becoming the hub of Canada’s conversation with the world. On Tuesday, the University of Toronto will announce its...
  4. Hypnotoad

    UT Article in the Star: Edifice complex unites urbanites

    Congrats Ed and the rest of UT for this profile in the Star: UT article. There is also a link to this article on Coincidentally, this is my 1000th post.
  5. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad Downtown Photo Update - July 18

    Long walk with the camera... Lumiere Murano Burano Bay-Adelaide Centre Elm St. YWCA Shangra-La Boutique RBC Centre [/IMG] Ritz Bell Lightbox CityPlace North Linear Park Montage Luna...
  6. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad's February 8 Update

    Great updates everyone. Glad I wasn't the only one out there enjoying the quality weather and camera time. Thanks to those who got different developments and different vantage points. You should add your photos to this thread. As for me... It was a long walk... Enjoy Bay-Adelaide Centre...
  7. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad's Wide-Angled Photo update

    18 York St. 88 Broadway ACC The Avenue Burano Casa: CityPlace CityPlace - Neo/Montage CityPlace - Luna Vista College Park: Distillery First Waterfront Place (Corus) London Malibu Maple Leaf Square Murano: Nautilus...
  8. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad goes to Budapest

    Went to Croatia and Greece. Pictures are here. Keleti Train Station And this is when things got interesting... Neo-Nazi Uprising! And not for nothing, taking the earth-friendly car idea to the next level:
  9. Hypnotoad

    Midtown Development Photo Update (Oct 13/08)

    Downtown Development Photo Update (Oct 13/08) Went for a walk.... 1 Bedford 1 Bloor East 1 St. Thomas 77 Charles The 500 Condo Bay Adelaide Bloor Street Neighbourhood College Park Crystal (ROM) Casa Couture Crystal Blu Exhibit Condo, aka McBazis Lumiere...
  10. Hypnotoad

    New Search Engine --

    From a former Google employee, this new search engine claims to be the largest and will also protect your privacy info. The second part is great but I'm not sure I'm buying the first claim. I typed in Urban Toronto and didn't get this site.
  11. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad Goes to Greece

    Before Croatia we went to Greece.... June 2008 Nafplio More romantic than Paris, in my opinion, the old town of Nafplio as viewed atop Palamidi Castle, more than 1,000 steps up the cliff Looking up at the castle from the beach on the south side: Looking up at the castle from the square on...
  12. Hypnotoad

    Hypnotoad Goes to Croatia

    Went to Greece first, see pictures here June-July 2008 Dubrovnik: Hvar: Split: Last year, Split opened RIVA, a controversial modern square/waterfront in front of the old palace. I thought it looked awesome: Zagreb:
  13. Hypnotoad

    April 5 Photo Update (Downtown south)

    Photos here and in the construction threads: The Title Shot: City Place - Neo & Montage Bremner St. (Various vantages) GO Transit Tower/Esplanade London on the Esplanade 1 King W 18 Yonge St. (taken from site of the...
  14. Hypnotoad

    Massive Easter '08 Construction Photo Thread

    Bloor-Yorkville Area General Area shots: Looking East on Bloor Looking East on Yorkville Looking South down Bay Lotus Regency Casa BNS X the Condominium Conture 1 St. Thomas One Bedford 100 Yorkville...
  15. Hypnotoad

    Sheppard East Development Thread

    Found on the Internet: March 22 Bayview & Sheppard Bayview St. Stairs: St. Gabriel's ARC Condo Other Developments by Daniels East on Sheppard, between Bayview and Leslie Concord Park Place:
  16. Hypnotoad

    Arc Condo (Sheppard & Bayview, Daniels, 16s, Kirkor) COMPLETE

    March 22 Across the street, another Daniels addition on the rise...
  17. Hypnotoad

    Former Liberal runs for NDP in Gatineau (Globe article)

    Former Liberal to run for NDP in Gatineau The Canadian Press February 25, 2008 at 9:02 AM EST OTTAWA — The New Democrats are announcing a new federal candidate in the Gatineau area — former Liberal MP Françoise Boivin. NDP Leader Jack Layton is holding a new conference Monday to...
  18. Hypnotoad

    The Star: Condos outsell Houses in the GTA

    Link: A first: Condos outselling houses VINCE TALOTTA/TORONTO STAR High prices propel sales above 50% of total deals Dec 21, 2007 04:30 AM Tony Wong Business Reporter A single-family detached house has long been the ideal dream...
  19. Hypnotoad

    2007 Ontario Election: : McGuinty tells PM he wants 1¢ of GST

    McGuinty tells PM he wants 1¢ of GST `Turning point' in fight for GST share Sep 29, 2007 04:30 AM Robert Benzie Queen's Park Bureau Chief Premier Dalton McGuinty has sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper demanding that one percentage point of the GST be given to Toronto...
  20. Hypnotoad

    Toronto Life Square: Love it or hate it?

    A lot of the threads in the Projects and Construction section are filled with heated debate. These polls are designed to capture that and to see which development(s) polarize UT members the most. To keep things simple you have two options: 1) Like it or 2) Do not like it