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    Ford Gov't Selling Naming Rights for GO Stations
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    GTHA Regional Transit Amalgamation Discussion: Superlinx/Subway Upload

    Toronto Region Board of Trade releasing a survey today that it says shows 79% of people in the region support uploading the entire transit system to a regional super agency...
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    How long can a transit project be built after a thread is opened in UT?

    Was looking at the Ion LRT in KW thread and just realized the thread was first opened in 2007. So after 11 years this thing is near completion. That prompted me to look at other similar threads in UT: Projects Year Thread Opened Current Status Time to complete...
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    2018 Toronto Mayoral Election Transit Promises

    Mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat is making accelerating the relief line subway the central plank of her transit platform, and will not oppose the construction of a controversial three-stop Scarborough subway extension if she is elected this fall. Keesmaat unveiled her transportation platform...