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    730 Yonge Street (?, ?s, ?}

    They should dramatically re-think the base of this beast. Introducing generic signage and a grim cement board fascia is a "lipstick on a pig" solution.
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    Toronto | 33 Yorkville Avenue | 216m | 68s | Cresford | architectsAlliance

    Too bad it's Cresford going belly up and not Canderel. :(
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    Toronto | River & Fifth Condominiums | 125m | 37s | Broccolini | Graziani + Corazza

    Unfortunately this one is by Graziani + Corazza so it will probably be a pile of sh*t like everything else they've ever designed.
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    Toronto | Sidewalk Toronto at Quayside | ?m | ?s | Sidewalk | Snøhetta

    I foresee Diamond Schmitt, Sweeny & Co, or some other local heroes being awarded this dream project ... and inevitably designing some big blue Toronto clunker for Google's Canadian HQ 🙄 Prove me wrong Alphabet!
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    Toronto | 545 Lake Shore West | 134m | 39s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    Everything Canderel has built in this town is absolute sh*t. In a skyline full of ugly, banal buildings, theirs are the absolute worst!
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    Toronto | W Hotel Toronto | ?m | 9s | Larco | architectsAlliance

    That it'll one day be replaced by a generic wall of large format glass-fronted retail spaces is almost inevitable. So when that happens, I'll miss the HBC Centre. I like that our Brutalist behemoths add layers of history and interest to our cityscape. Even if once can argue they're "ugly" -...
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    Toronto | 661 Huron | 17m | 4s | Originate | srm Architects

    My problem is not the density proposed but replacing two houses (both with heritage fabric that contributing to the distinctive character of the Annex) with neo-70s pastiche. A weird choice. I can see this being fought tooth and nail by the ARA and HPS. I would love to see both buildings taken...
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    I wish this were double the height. Elegant building - Anyone know if the diamonds will glow at night?
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    those look good.... but will gays eat cookies? Only time will tell.
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    Toronto | 135 Portland Street | 53m | 16s | Adi | Core Architects

    Strip the paint, restore the brick, woodwork, windows & roof - and you've got yourself a row of charming, authentic Victorian houses (Victorian could describe anything built between 1837–1901).
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    Dude, we get it. You like girls. You super aren't gay. You're a masculine dude, you like fried chicken sandwiches and you are heterosexual. We get it. 🥇🏆
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    Gardiner Expressway Hybrid Design

    I'd rather have the cars up in the sky rather than on the ground... Lift them up and away and let the light, trees and pedestrians into the ground level... We need to move past this late 20th century idea that the Gardiner is a "barrier" to the waterfront and its development. It's not. There is...
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    I so so wish Hines would add another 20-30 floors on the north building. This one's worthy of being the peak of the skyline
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    Bloor-Yorkville Scene

    That is the nastiest little piss-soaked concourse so I'm not surprised they're finally renovating.
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    Toronto | 85 Hanna Avenue | 43m | 10s | First Capital | Zeidler

    Liberty village is a lost cause
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    John Street Revitalization

    Montreal is doing this kind of project on Ste Catherine near the Place des Arts right now. Makes a world of difference.
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    Toronto | 1912 Avenue Road | 16m | 4s | Jame | Icon

    That ugly black fake brick again. So dated already.