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    Toronto | Mirvish+Gehry Toronto | 329m | 91s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Although there is no shortage of competition, this project is right up there on the Toronto disappointment list.
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    The impeachment shone a bright light on the inadequacy and impotency of the GOP in dealing with the twitterer. That impeachment was ever going to succeed through the senate was a long shot at best, and everyone knows that. Now the American people have a crystal clear choice in November 2020...
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    On a happier note, it appears the K.C. Chiefs will be honoured in the W.H. in Seattle for winning the S.B.
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    That's about as an honest a mistake as that idiot will ever make.
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    There appears to be a fair amount of so-called " religiosity " in the States that crosses all socioeconomic boundaries. It reminds me of a Gary Larson cartoon showing scientists peering through glass at a bunch of wierdos, saying something like...yes they're all fools, but the question is , what...
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    Toronto | Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts | 156m | 45s | Daniels | RAW Design

    " City of the Arts " - I cringe every time I see this title.
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    Toronto | Garrison Point | 119m | 35s | Cityzen | Hariri Pontarini

    I love the picture of the bridge. Bathurst Street Bridge ? If so, this is the bridge my dad told me he sold postcards from of the downtown when he was a kid, probably in the twenties.
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    According to the Star today, the government intends to keep the plant running for another year until 2025 conditional on CNSC approval. Once shutdown it will take 40 years to decommission.
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    Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 115m | 35s | Cityzen | architectsAlliance

    Stack those plates properly before they fall down !
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    These " mistakes " can happen when you're in the crosshair of the most powerful military in the world. There's lots of work for pundits doing root cause analysis on this one.
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    Toronto | 100 Queens Quay at Sugar Wharf | 117m | 25s | Menkes | B+H

    And more and more squat boxes, this one taking up a lots of ground space. I wonder what the overall impression of the grand waterfront avenue will be if and when a rail line is built.
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    And neither do I. There are already too many nuclear weapons in too many opposing hands. But neither do I wish to sit on pins and needles fearing the extreme response from Trump to a provocation that may not even come directly from Iran. Hell, even his advisors, if we can use that term anymore...
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    " The real problem continues to be Iran's nuclear ambitions. " Really ?
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    Anybody that begins with " Not a fan of Trump " usually ends with an exoneration of some sort of errant behaviour. Trump's making of the alleged " right call" may have the opposite affect you wish for. It was all so easy in the simpler, good old days when we knew the good guys all wore the...
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    Toronto | Riverside Square | 69m | 20s | Streetcar | RAW Design

    I agree. If you're trying for something interesting by just shuffling the deck and moving boxes around, you might as well take some chances. Offset boxes on boxes soon become boring as an architectural flourish.
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    One good thing though....we don't have to look at his fat mug or listen to his schoolyard jabber as much any more. It seems even he has learned a little something in the past year. Now if we can only get him to reduce the glare of that phony, pasted on smile....
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    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    Impeachment is a stain on Trump for ever, one he'll never get over. It's almost like he provoked it with his incessant lying and obstruction. It had to be done. There's an election in less than a year, so even if the House impeachment goes to the Senate it's irrelevant what tact the Senate...
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    Industrial architecture in Toronto

    I spent my early years in the east end around Greenwood and Gerrard. Went to Leslie Street School. As a fairly large family group, we'd often trek down to the waterfront past many interesting industrial buildings employing many people. My dad grew up in the west end , so I'm familiar with that...