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    VMC | Penguin | interim parking lot Not sure if this deserves it's own thread (MODS move or merge if needed. Penguin is proposing an additional 568 spot interim parking lot across from VMC subway station.
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    Walmart Store & Smartcentres Corporate Office Swap (Vaughan Metro Ctr, ?s, ?)

    Not really sure if I created the thread title correctly so please correct if needed. Smartcentres have contact Vaughan City Council with a request to relocate the existing Walmart store to it's current corporate head office location and develop a new corporate head office at the existing...
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    Vaughan - VMC Edgeley Park

    Vaughan's planned "Central Park"
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    Noticing now many condo developments hide price lists/floor plans behind registration walls

    It seems to me that more and more condo developers are hiding their floor plans price lists behind registration. I can understand maybe price lists requiring at least a name and number type thing but really as a 'window shopper' of sort with condos I find it disappointing to see that floor...
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    Scotiabank Arena (Air Canada Centre) Renovations

    Globe and Mail story The article felt more like a slap at Rogers Centre's age and lack up upgrades (never mind the renovations in 2005, and planned grass conversion) than about plans at the ACC (BMO field's renovations we know about). However we were given the little tidbit about renovations...
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    Transit in the upcoming Federal election

    So with a Federal election now imminent, what is it you would like your candidates to support/propose transit-wise. Put aside all transit politics currently happening now, simply what is your biggest issue in the national public transit docket that you would like to see addressed. Personally...
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    Help with HBP

    Hi all you real estate gurus, I have a question with respect to withdrawing funds from my RRSP under the first time home buyer plan and subsequently using the property as an income generator (i.e. rental). Logically one would think that this would not be allowed, as the HBP is intended for...
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    Say yes/no to 'blank' billboards

    Has anyone seen these billboards around town? They all follow the same formula seen above, eg Say no to excitement. I've seen a few of them around, but there is nothing else on them to indicate what they're for.
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    York Region: Islington & Hwy 7 Interesting proposal for a pair of 22 story towers and a 5 story podium (600+ units), given that A) it's nowhere near the Vaughan corporate centre B) it's not exactly close to a VIVA stop C) The...
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    1 King West Condos (Stinson) - Real Estate -

    Are there any 1KW owners on this board? I was wondering what their experience has been with this building. Particularly the option of putting your unit in the hotel pool. Do you only get paid when your unit is occupied? How well are the units being occupied (i.e. do they stay empty for...