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    TTC at Sheppard

    It's a pretty long haul from North York (above York Mills) to downtown. Especially in winter when almost daily signal problems turn a 40 minute subway ride into 1.5 hours or more. Add in once or twice a week holds due to passenger assistance alarms and even "smoke at track level" crap and, well...
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    Food Truck Festival Version 2

    Anyone try the original food truck festival in the Distillery District back in June? It was something of an over crowded disaster. They're trying again August 20. More trucks. Hopefully better organized! I might have considered giving it a pass but I noticed on their Facebook page St...
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    Anyone else screwd over by The Ballroom?

    A group of us got a FabFind voucher for The Ballroom (the new downtown bowling alley). Nothing on the deal page or printed voucher noted any restriction other than it was only good for matinee bowling. We went on Sunday. They refused to honor the voucher claiming they didn't mean saturday/sunday...
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    Stash the trash: Takeout coffe cup deposit at Tim Hortons et al?

    Stash the trash: Takeout coffee cup deposit at Tim Hortons et al? What's the single most noticeable street trash you see every day? For my part, it's takeout coffee cups piggy lazy people can't bother to toss in a trash can but simply hurl at a fence or...
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    Finch Station bus platform resurfacing

    They're resurfacing the pavement for the bus platform. They're going on their 3rd or 4th week. It's caused a nightmare for traffic heading west on Finch. Buses get all backed up because they can only use less than half of the station. What seems like it should have taken a capable road surfacing...
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    Anyone see your incumbent councilor out campaigning?

    Normally a provincial or federal election, the candidates are usually out pressing the flesh in the morning outside your local subway station. I've not seen my city councilor John Filion bothering to get his ass out onto the streets of North York to meet the people he assumes will drone like...
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    Meet your crazy third party candidates

    You think Ford is, ummm, "special"? Want to make sure voter turn out rates doesn't slide off the table again but don't want to reward one of the leading five idiots with your vote? There's always crazy third party candidate guy! But there are so many to choose from. And some, like a guy claiming...
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    Anyone Remember the Torso Man?

    Back in the early 1990s, along Yonge just south of College (where they're building those new Aura condos), there used to be a guy with no arms or legs. He was pretty much a torso + a head and he'd sit behind a change bowl and say hi to people passing by. Pretty much no one I talk to ever...
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    Finch station south end exit

    For at least a year the south end of the Finch station (outside of the paid area) has been boarded up. It severely constrains the west side and east side exits. I've never heard any sound of construction. They removed the wood and put up new wood. But that seems to be the only thing they've...
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    St. Patrick Market (Queen Street) Closed

    I noticed the Queen Street market is closed... possibly undergoing reno. They might have kicked out all the cheap fast food places that came to take over what the city promised back in the last 1980s/early 1990s as a real market... akin to St Lawrence market. But it seemed to quickly fill up...
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    Steeles Construction

    Eeeeeiiiii! I take the bus from the Finch station to Jane/Steeles and it adds about 30 minutes to my trip. Anyone else experiencing this joy? It's support to run until the end of August. A summer of commuting hell? They do seem to be working on it in parts and it might not be for the whole...