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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    GOTSTYLE (men's clothing) is closing their Bathurst/King location February 22 after 15 years. Distillery location remains. After servicing the King West area for 15 years, our lease it...
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    If I recall correctly it was December 24th.
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    Toronto | Queens Quay & Water's Edge Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Last night someone followed a steetcar into the tunnel for a record setting 600m.
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    Commerce Court getting Starbucks app order only/Pickup only (no seats) location Feb 4. Starbucks has announced another Canadian first is coming early next month. The coffee chain will be opening its first Canadian “Pickup” concept...
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    In November they said they hoped to reopen in a bigger space after taking a break. Time will tell.
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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    Rogers store opens tomorrow: It's called Rogers 302 (for the address).
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    Downtown Grocery Store List (current + proposed)

    Toronto Life profile of Liberty Village Longo's:
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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    I read on RedFlagDeals that Sport Check 2529 Yonge is having a closing sale. (Former Mexx location)
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    Summerhill Market (1014 Bathurst St, Bolt Developments, 2s, ?)

    Summerhill Annex is open per a FB post yesterday: Now Open! 🎉 🎉🎉 Welcome to the NEW Summerhill Annex. ⁣ ⁣Come visit our soft opening weekend where there are some NEXT-LEVEL specials you have to see to believe. Open 8:00 am - 8:00 pm everyday.
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    One Old Mill & Two Old Mill | ?m | 12s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects COMPLETE

    Since this thread is is a pic I took October 14.
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    Toronto | Eau du Soleil Condos | 228m | 66s | Empire | Richmond Architects

    Better lighting in the afternoon.
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    The Plague of EIFS

    'It started snowing Styrofoam': Residents concerned over construction site debris
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    Condominium issues

    My Mom owns a condo with a terrace. The terraces have gas hookups and the condo allows bbqs, including charcoal. The owner of a unit below uses a Big Green Egg bbq to smoke meat. This takes many hours! The smoke prevents my Mom from using her terrace. The smoke also enters her unit and the smell...
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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    John Allan's (membership based haircuts+ for men) is closing their only Canadian location (on the 5th floor of HBC Queen St) later this week. It will reopen in a few weeks as the second location of King's Crown (haircuts/shave+ for men, currently...
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Cabin (barber) is open (between Peace Collective and Union Mercado).
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    One O One (101 St Clair W, Camrost Felcorp, 26s, Onespace Unlimited) Photo from Toronto Star article:
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    One O One (101 St Clair W, Camrost Felcorp, 26s, Onespace Unlimited)

    Some funny comments on this tweet re new art installation.
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    88 Scott St. (Concert Properties) - Real Estate -

    I want one!