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  1. James

    IMPROVE - Canada’s largest home improvement centre

    I didn't see any existing threads on this large mall in development around Keele & Steeles but it definitely sounds like an interesting retail project. Apparently 320,000 sq.ft. designed for around 400 retailers in the construction and home renovation industry. I'm curious to see the level of...
  2. James

    Before | After urban re-design gallery

    I came across this really cool gallery of public space transformation from around the world. There are some fascinating re-designs that could do wonders right here in Toronto. Just wanted to share!!before-after/ceh8
  3. James

    How long is your regular daily commute?

    I'm simply curious as to how long your regular daily commute is. Whether you walk, cycle, take public transit or drive and whether you're regularly going to school, work or someplace else on a daily basis, I'm curious as to how much time you spend commuting. Just a simple poll. :)
  4. James

    The declining popularity of golf

    I've been discussing the changing face of golf with a number of friends and media has been slowly bringing up the declining popularity of golf for a little while now. Today's Toronto Star article on this very trend has me thinking more and more that the game of golf is going to have a...
  5. James

    Wrigley's to close their Toronto factory

    Wrigley's will be closing their Toronto factory near Leslie & Eglinton where they produce some of their chewing gum lines like Excel and Juicy Fruit. This will eliminate 383 jobs at this location. It's an unfortunate move which was economically driven. This also leaves a fairly large plot of...
  6. James

    The Starbucks effect on property values

    While far from being a scientific study, I was still amused by these statistics. I don't believe Starbucks really has an affect on the neighborhood but rather, they do a good job in selecting solid neighborhoods to situate their stores in. Looking at this Google map of Starbucks locations in...
  7. James

    Tim Hortons tea spill leaves woman with second-degree burns

    I'm sure many have read about the recent incident at Tim Horton's in Richmond Hill where a young lady had 2nd degree burns to her legs due to her boyfriend knocking the table as he got up and consequently tipping the open cup of tea onto her lap. There's been lots of comments, opinions and...
  8. James

    416 area code envy

    This Toronto Star article today made me chuckle. Most people still certainly associate Toronto with 416 but most people I know have no issues with 647 area codes. This article makes it seem as though there's a huge 416 snobbery thing going on here. 416 envy, anyone? What do you all think...
  9. James

    Which supermarket do you primarily do your groceries at?

    Just a simple poll. I was curious as to which major supermarket UTers primarily do their groceries at. I'm purposely only including the big chains in the poll, otherwise we'll run out of poll options.
  10. James

    Buy First or Sell First?

    I was just curious as to what others have done as far as moving from one house to another. Do most people sell their house first before looking for a new house? Do they start the search and the sale at the same time, hoping to co-ordinate the closing dates close to each other? Or do most people...
  11. James

    Housing Type Breakdown

    Just curious as to what type of dwelling other members of UrbanToronto currently live in.
  12. James

    Downsview Park Merchant's Market

    I didn't see any threads on here about the Downsview Park Merchant's Market and there just so happened to be, IMO, a pretty good article on The Grid about this eclectic marketplace. Original link: Selling the dream BY: David Sax...
  13. James

    What is your current situation in the real estate market?

    Just wondering what your current situation is in this real estate market. In this crazy Toronto market, what are your future plans with regards to your primary residence?
  14. James

    Where are you located? MLS version

    The demographics of Toronto have evolved quite dramatically in just the past decade or so. With the GTA spanning such a vast amount of territory and neighborhoods expanding and developing outwards at a rapid pace, it isn't surprising that people move from and to neighborhoods from Oakville...
  15. James

    When do you merge in a merging lane?

    So I was having a discussion with a couple of people in Toronto as well as in Montreal about when one should merge into the highway when you're in a merging lane that ends. The assumption in our discussion is that we are considering the situation in full rush hour traffic. When traffic is...
  16. James

    Can't we all just get along? The car, bicycle, skateboard, pedestrian et al debate

    So in light of recent events where a downtown Toronto taxi driver hit and killed a longboarder, I started to think about the ongoing and at times heated debate about rules of the road and rights of way. As someone who used to be a skateboarder in my teens and who has lived downtown walking and...
  17. James

    Property Prices Index (incl. House Price to Income Ratio, Price to Rent Ratio, etc.)

    Not sure if any of you use the Numbeo website for statistics like House Price to Income Ratio, Gross Rental Yield, Price to Rent Ratio, Mortgage as a Percentage of Income, and Affordability Index, but it is a great tool that charts almost 400 cities all over the world. To focus on the...
  18. James

    Restaurant Tipping Etiquette

    So I'm sure many of you have read some of the articles this week highlighting a couple of local diners increasing their standard tip from 15% to 20%. Toronto Star: National Post: What does everyone else on UT feel would be appropriate and what are your own personal tipping etiquettes...
  19. James

    If you could purchase a property anywhere in Toronto...

    ...where would it be? And what kind of property would it be? Would you live in it yourself, hold onto it, pass it to the next generation? Or would you hold and sell when the time is right so that you'd move on somewhere else for retirement? Assuming you have the financial capacity, of...