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    A Condo Unit Under the Gym - Bad idea?

    Hi everyone, I am looking at a place and it is right under the condo gym. Does anyone have experience on this? I am concerned with noise, people dropping weights, the machinery, etc. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Market Square - Ceiling Height

    80 Front St. E & 35 Church St. Market Square Condo Does anyone know the ceiling height for the units in this condo? I hope this is the right forum for this thread :) Thank you!
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    FREED Development Reputation

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any reputation with FREED from the purchaser angle? 1. Did the development finish on schedule? If not, what was the delay? 2. How long did it take for the building to register? 3. Were you happy with the quality of the finishes? The details of the building...
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    Berczy - Layout Options

    Hi everyone! Attached are 4 different kitchen/dining options (A-D) for my future home at Berczy. I am struggling to decide what configuration will work best for the space with future resale in mind. The living and dining space is approx. 22' x 15'. Please let me know your thoughts and...
  5. W vs. condo rules

    I would like to post my apartment for short term rentals on My condo rules prohibit any kind of rentals under 12 months. Are there any loopholes that apply? Can I challenge the rule? Does anyone have experience with this? CONDO LEGAL: [A lease or tenancy of any residential...
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    Height Restrictions in Toronto

    Hi there, I am not sure this is the right area to post this question but here it goes! 1A. Question - Height Restrictions I am wondering if anyone knows the exact process for requesting information on height restrictions for Toronto. I am interested in finding out restrictions for the...
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    4 bedroom

    Does anyone know where I can rent a 4 bedroom for under $3000 in or near to the Annex? Thanks so much!!
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    Rollerblading Laws

    Hello, I am an avid rollerblader in the city and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the city laws around this activity. Should I be rollerblading on the street? Sidewalk? Bike lane? I have been told you should rollerblade on the street or bike line (if available) as it's the...