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    Open concept Vs. Partition

    I own a large one bedroom hard loft - about 870sqft , high ceilings - about 11 feet. I can potentially divide the living room to make an additional bedroom 7x11 with a loft space above the room (clears about 4 feet) My question is from a resale point of view, is it worth adding the additional...
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    Dundas Village

    Anyone lives in Dundas Village or knows someone that lives there? I am looking for opinions on this area. pros/cons. I have driven through this area and I am really considering moving there in the near future. Check out these listings -...
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    Listing and Sold prices in the GTA

    Not sure if this is a re-post or not. This site shows you the listing and sold prices.
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    Hello Everyone, I am currently employed as an IT professional. My commute to work (downtown Toronto) is about 2 hrs everyday. I managed to save a nice chunk of money for down payment (about 25,000). I am hoping to purchase property in the Toronto region (somewhere near the TTC system) to...