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    Looking for people who live in Earl Haig SS or Riverdale CI areas

    Looking for soemone with an open mind who may be able to help me. If you PM me then i can explain exactly what would be required. Thanks!
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    looking for queen sized slats from Ikea

    If you have a set not being used, let me know! Thanks
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    Paying an illegal damage deposit

    As you all know, its not legal for a landlord to demand or collect a damage deposit. I've been looking at rentals and I have found one I like but the realtor has informed me that the owner will only deal with renters willing to leave a damage deposit. I was told that the owner has had...
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    How much do realtors typically make when leasing out a condo?

    I'm looking to rent a condo and am talking to a few realtors and will be meeting with one of them this weekend to see some condos. I'm curious how much they make for this. It seems like a lot of work for him to meet with me and show me condos just for leasing.
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    Who runs this joint?

    Searched (a little...) and didn't find anything. Is there an "about me" page that talks about the history of this forum or its original intention or the people behind it? Just curious thats all. I've only recently found this and am enjoying it quite a bit compared to the usual forums I...
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    I need to rent a condo in North York

    Hi, if anyone knows a good 1+1 or 2 BR condo for rent in yonge/sheppard or yonge/empress walk area I'd love any recommendation you could provide. Thanks
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    Whats going on at Yonge/Eglinton?

    Ok, I apologize..I'm not exactly sure where to put this. The other forums seem very "structured" and I dont' know if I could just open a new thread there. North of Yonge and Eglinton there is a lot of road construction and I notice a lot of "for lease" signs on the east side. There was an...
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    Best place to look for retail space for lease?

    Besides craigslist, mls (, and driving around desired neighborhoods, any other ways to look for a retail space that may have missed the radar?
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    Condos in "downtown" Markham

    Anyone bought into or interested in the condos around HWY 7 and Warden and other Markham areas? I've read some older threads about them, but they were mostly discussing the actual city (and they were quite old). Now that one of the projects (majestic court) is about finished and there has been...