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    Proposed Charter City Constitutional Amendment

    Don’t think there’s a thread for this. MPP Vaughan has announced that the federal Liberals are on board with proposals enshrine the City of Toronto with constitutional protections. Mayor Tory appears cautiously supportive of the initiative as well. Assuming the PC government is removed from...
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    Regional Governance Review

    Ontario reviewing regional governments, raising prospect of future amalgamations Ontario's Progressive Conservatives have announced a plan Tuesday to comprehensively review the province's regional governments. The review includes all eight regional municipalities — Halton, York, Durham...
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    Design and Safety of City of Toronto Highways

    I'm making this thread because I've noticed a few consistently unsafe design decisions on City of Toronto owned highways. Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the driver to maintain safe operation of their vehicle, I feel that the City could trivially improve the safety of these roads...
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    Metrolinx: Other Items (catch all)

    Making this thread because we don't yet have a one dedicated to Metrolinx. As the GTA's second largest transit operator, and coordinator of GTHA transit expansion, Metrolinx oughta have its own thread; obviously in the same vein as the TTC: Other Items thread.
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    TTC: Streetcar, Bus and Wheel-Trans Operations & Maintenance

    This thread is for discussions regarding TTC’s non-rapid transit surface operations and maintenance, including busses, streetcars and Wheel-Trans. Discussions regarding new capital infrastructure, including new vehicles, should happen in their appropriate Transportation & Infrastructure thread...
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    TTC: Budgeting, Fares and Financials

    We have no thread for the TTC budget. I think it's about time one was started, since budgeting is critical to everything the TTC does. Edit: Amended the title to include discussion on TTC fares. Any discussion on fare system (e.g. fare-by-distance vs. flat rate and fare prices) should go here...
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    The Boom of Downtown Toronto: The History of our "Vertical City" and how we got here

    Here's an interesting video I'd like to share. Micheal Leckman explains the history of development in our city, including the late 1800s population boom, post-war apartment blocks and our current successful model of high rise development and why the condo boom is indicative of the health of our...
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    Gigabit Fibre - Bell and City of Toronto

    John Tory and CEO of Bell are announcing their intentions to bring gigabit fibre to Toronto. Hopefully this is the right section for this. Not transportation related, but very significant infrastructure.
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    Toronto's Fiscal Health

    The Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, an academic research hub and non-partisan think tank based in the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto released their report on the state of Toronto's finances. Their key findings: They concluded the report with...
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    Food Bank Usage in Inner Suburbs

    Very concerning post from Torontoist: Source: Torontoist
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    Forum Wiki

    Have the mods considered adding a Wiki to threads here on UT? It would be a great resource for members who need to quickly check a fact before making a forum post. This is especially true if it's on a thread with lots of technical details. And since there are so many dedicated members on UT, I'd...
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    Cities Named After Toronto.

    I was doing a little digging and it turns out that there are quite a few cities named after Toronto. Here are the four that I could find that I can verify that are named after Toronto, Ontario: Toronto, New South Wales, Australia Toronto, County Durham, United Kingdom Toronto, Indiana, United...
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    Toronto/Quebec VIA Rail Terror Plot

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    Premier Kathleen Wynne and What Her Election Means for Transit

    Kathleen Wynne was elected Premier of Ontario on the weekend and she has already begun talking transit: I hate to use the TO Sun as a source, but they were the only one reporting on this. Anyways, Wynne was by far the most pro-transit candidate and if she can avoid another election she...
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    New TTC Streetcars and LRVs

    General discussion about Toronto's new streetcars and Light Rail Vehicles.
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    TTC: Redesigning TTC Signage

    The TTC has a laundry list of customer service issues. But one of the biggest one of them is the horrible lack of uniformity and the extremely confusing nature of the TTCs signs. I often find myself confused about where to go; and I consider myself to be somewhat of a Toronto transit expert...
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    Tunnel to island

    Just a general discussion about the tunnel to the Toronto Islands. Post whatever you like about the topic.
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    North America's Tallest Flagpole Updates

    Does anyone have any updates about that flagpole that was going up along Finch? I haven't heard anything about it for months.
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    Why does Toronto always dominate the best cities list???

    I've noticed an interesting trend. Toronto always seems to be near the top of the best cities list. The city is the apparently the 4th best place in the world to live, the best place in the world to do business and the 15th most liveable city in the world. Toronto has also become one of the most...