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    Toronto | Kings Club at King High Line | 58m | 18s | First Capital | Kasian

    Hi, is there still going to be a bridge from this development over the rail tracks? Anyone know expected completion date?
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    Avonshire (Yonge/401, Tridel/K&G, 14 + 21 + 3x 22s, Kirkor) COMPLETE

    Just wanted to give a little update in case anyone was interested. I live in one of these rental units that you are speaking about (you can see it in the picture). The ones pictured are all still occupied and k&G has been doing a lot of improvements over the last few months. New...
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    Looking for people who live in Earl Haig SS or Riverdale CI areas

    Looking for soemone with an open mind who may be able to help me. If you PM me then i can explain exactly what would be required. Thanks!
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    looking for queen sized slats from Ikea

    If you have a set not being used, let me know! Thanks
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    Moving to Toronto - Costs?

    Because one is easier to get away with than the other!
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    How much do realtors typically make when leasing out a condo?

    is having a realtor for rentals a common thing in other cities in Canada? Coming from Calgary it is pretty unheard of. I didn't even see any rentals at all on mls for Calgary.
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    If you could change one thing about Toronto, what would it be?

    Allow casinos to open up in the city. I think its embaressing that we don't have any. Plus you'd have a lot of money to do a lot of things listed in this thread.
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    I need to rent a condo in North York

    Thanks, we found a nice one from MLS.
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Yeah I hated it when I was a kid and my mom would threaten to replevy my chattels.
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    Shops at Don Mills (redevelopment, Giannone Petricone/Pellow + Associates )

    I do really like that outdoor square sitting area. If it becomes a busy area with a lot of people about, I'd love to sit there for an afternoon with a coffee and laptop (do they have wifi?). If its not busy would be a nice thought.
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    After the strike: green bin & street smells

    I'd go down the street smelling peoples green bins then swap them out during a collection day.
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    Moving to Toronto - Costs?

    Yeah and you can always pick up some retail/cashier job to tide you over a little while you search for another job. No big deal there.
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    Moving to Toronto - Costs?

    Hi Ears, I moved to Toronto last year. What city are you coming from?
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    Paying an illegal damage deposit

    Also wrong. There are some exclusions to the tenant act but they are stuff like "short term emergency shelter" or situations where you share a kitchen or a bathroom with the landlord. Short term, long term, furnished, unfurnished are all the same. Not sure what you mean by commercial. If you...
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    Paying an illegal damage deposit

    It is illegal. from
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    Paying an illegal damage deposit

    Nope. Last months rent is allowed but is only for rent. It is different from a damage deposit. However, to further define my point of this an owner, isn't asking for a damage deposit, knowing full well it is illegal (max $25 000 fine) doing the exact opposite of its intended...
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    City Workers Strike 2009

    ha..ha..ha Please elaborate!
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    Paying an illegal damage deposit

    As you all know, its not legal for a landlord to demand or collect a damage deposit. I've been looking at rentals and I have found one I like but the realtor has informed me that the owner will only deal with renters willing to leave a damage deposit. I was told that the owner has had...
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    City Workers Strike 2009

    Exactly. A while ago people would always talk about the great benefits that google employees enjoy and the amazing facilities they get to use and nobody has any ill will towards those because its a private company doing things on their own dime.
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    I need to rent a condo in North York

    bumping up my budget to 1600 inclusive...hoping for a large 1+den (with separate door for den) or a smaller/cheaper 2BR