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    Gaslight District (Cambridge, HIP Developments, 16s, ?)

    This is a development in downtown Cambridge (Galt) that I hope will interest forum members. Most intriguing is the inclusion of Conestoga College that will boost the student population of the downtown area. The 400 units of housing should increase activity as well. Overall a great boost for the...
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    The Cultural Landscape Foundation

    I attended a seminar today about cultural landscapes in Toronto and Ontario and this website was mentioned as a good resource. Look under Places on the main page to find Toronto.
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    Stratford's Patterson Theatre Rebuild

    I would love to see Snohetta do the new complex!
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    952 King Street West(?, ?, ?)

    I was passing the Esso gas station at this location yesterday and noticed that there was a crew there drilling for soil samples. Could this be West King West's newest condo development? Seeing as it is at the intersection of King and Strachan I can see quite a high building. And is this the last...
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    Stratford Market Square Renovation

    It looks like the long saga of renovating the square behind Stratford's beautiful city hall is advancing with the announcement of a winning design.
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    114 Ossington Ave (?, 3s, ?)

    Another rebuild along Ossington.
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    Kensington Brewing Company (299 Augusta Ave., ?, 3s, ?)

    I did a search for a thread and couldn't find one despite remembering having seen this somewhere on here. Photos taken 26 April 2016.
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    940 Queen Street West (?, 2s, ?)

    Another small infill/rebuild in the West End that replaces a one storey retail structure. I have to say that I like the trend of very large windows in newer buildings. Photos taken 24 April 2016.
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    Toronto Biennale
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    342 Queen Street East (TABC, 3 st., ?)

    Nifty intensification. Photos taken 2 July 2015.
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    686 Bathurst Street (?, 3s, ?)

    Would love more info on this project.
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    Fat Pasha (414 Dupont, 3 storeys, ?,?)

    Another great infill along Dupont.
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    665 Dupont (Modern Dwellings, 3 storeys, ?)

    Great little infill project in a quirky little-known neighbourhood, Dupont and Bathurst.
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    DSAI Mariinsky Project TVO Doc

    'The Maestro and the Master', a TVO doc about the building of the New Mariinsky Opera House in St. Peterburg is on. Get that popcorn ready!
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    401 Parliament (?, 3 storeys,?)

    Pix taken 3 June 2015.
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    95-97 River Street, (?,?,?)

    I looked for a thread but didn't find one. An interesting renovation directly across from the Regent Park Athletic Fields (which I noticed will have a cricket pitch!).
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    Huronia Regional Centre Arts Campus Proposal

    I love this idea, especially the concept of a summer home for the TSO.
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    Wellesley Community Centre Aquatic Centre (City of Toronto, 2s, MJMA)

    Wellesley Community Centre Aquatic Centre (MJM Architects) Renderings from a presentation made in December 2014 about the addition of an aquatic centre to the Bleecker Street side of the community centre. Found on Councillor Wong-Tam's website.
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    Eurodale Head Office (1189 Lawrence Ave. West, Eurodale Dev, SOMA, 3s)

    Interesting renovation of a one storey commercial building into a three-storey head office for Eurodale Developments. Key feature is no parking.
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    Waterloo Connected

    There is a replacement for the now defunct Wonderfulwaterloo website: