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  1. wild goose chase

    What explains this geographic trend of a high percentage of young adults living with parents in Southern Ontario?

    I understand that the high cost of living means that Torontonian young adults likely stay at home longer to save money before being able to have a place of their own. Also, a diverse city like Toronto has many people growing up in cultures where it's more common to live with parents longer into...
  2. wild goose chase

    Is Toronto an early or late adopter of Asian cuisine-related "trends" in N.America?

    It's probably California that tends to lead in this way in North America, where things like sushi became popular much earlier than elsewhere. But because of the high growth in Asian population in Toronto in the 80s, 90s etc., did aspects of Asian cuisine like sushi, bubble tea, dim sum, ramen...
  3. wild goose chase

    How distant from downtown/the old city of Toronto is it until the residents feel unconnected to it?

    I'm thinking about where residents of neighbourhoods farther away from either downtown or the boundaries of the old city, whether it's the rest of the 416 or even farther (the 905) are sufficiently far away that most places south of Bloor are unfamiliar or rarely visited among them...
  4. wild goose chase

    Are there parts of Toronto with proportionally more native-born than foreign born visible minorities

    And if not, which areas might become closest to it in the near future? I could imagine that if immigration shifts even more to the 905 area in a generation or so and declines even more in the 416 as a whole, parts of the city (especially the old city) will start to have more minorities who are...
  5. wild goose chase

    The Cold War's history and its influence on the political views of Toronto's immigrant communities?

    In many US cities where many immigrants arrived when the Cold War was in full swing, there is often a demographic whose politics are strongly shaped by it (eg. tends towards more right wing views). However, this seems to be less strong of an influence in Toronto, despite how much immigration...
  6. wild goose chase

    Is Toronto more similar to (and more linked to) Montreal or Vancouver?

    I was thinking about how Toronto and Montreal share a lot of similarity and history up from colonial times to the 20th century -- architectural style, history, demographics and immigration. However, in recent years (probably post 1970s), Toronto and Montreal's character have somewhat diverged...
  7. wild goose chase

    Toronto as the cradle or launching pad of much American pop culture.

    On discussions of why Toronto seems not to have a strong homegrown cultural imprint on mass media, with Drake one of the few more recent celebrities to represent and show pride in the city as is, you often hear about how celebrities get their bearings here, launch their career and move on to the...
  8. wild goose chase

    How authentic are Toronto's ethnic cuisines to people from?

    ..the old country? (Whoops... cut off that title of the thread here) I know it's been said that North American versions of ethnic cuisine are modified in ways different from in the "old country". Now I'm sure this is true of say, the fast food chains you'd find in food courts in the malls...
  9. wild goose chase

    Which of these is a greater divide?

    Which of these do you think is the sharper fault line, all things considered (whether it be built form, character, demographics, lifestyle, culture, politics etc. or anything else you can think of) -- the old city of Toronto versus the rest of the city it was amalgamated with, or the city of...
  10. wild goose chase

    In which of these decades do you think Toronto started to be considered "diverse"?

    The message that Toronto's one of the most diverse cities worldwide is bandied around so much that it's almost a stock phrase, and I would say that millenial Torontonians would have probably grown up with it more or less their entire lives. What decade do you think that Toronto, by outsiders and...
  11. wild goose chase

    Which of the four regions in the GTA do you think has closer ties to Toronto itself?

    Inspired by discussion of this map putting Mississauga and Brampton in a category together with Toronto, to the exclusion of the rest of the GTA in the Regions of Ontario thread. Which of the four do you think is closer to the city itself? Mississauga has the airport of course and it and...
  12. wild goose chase

    Is "return migration" or emigration common among Toronto's immigrant communities?

    I was just thinking about the fact that occasionally, I will try and keep in touch with old Torontonian classmates/friends/neighbours who I grew up with or went to school with during the last couple of decades, and find out some of them have moved not just outside Toronto, but outside of Canada...
  13. wild goose chase

    Is there any dressing/clothing style associated with Toronto in particular?

    I know occasionally people will talk about how different people dress somewhat differently in various world cities. Of course, nowadays fashion trends spread so quickly but people still speak of differences within North America (eg. California or the West coast US's more casual dressing style...
  14. wild goose chase

    Is or has gentrification ever characterized Toronto's municipalities boroughs/inner suburbs?

    The talk of gentrification of course is focused on Old Toronto, but I wonder, is there or can there be any kind of gentrification, as commonly defined, in the other boroughs? While I doubt somewhere like Jane and Finch is going to get the Regent Park treatment any time soon or that any...
  15. wild goose chase

    Do you think Scarborough will shake off its negative reputation any time in the near future?

    In my thread about the borough with the strongest identity there was agreement that Scarborough was the most distinctive of the former 6 to have retained an "image". To what extent it did so because of a specifically negative image (association with crime, working class) is hard to tell --...
  16. wild goose chase

    Toronto's Public Library system.

    What do you think of our library system? Do you or did you use it very often? I remember pretty fondly spending time as a kid and also as a teen at the library and having learned so much in the pre-internet days from all the books I read there. I sometimes even get nostalgic walking by and...
  17. wild goose chase

    Most and least "transient" parts of Toronto?

    I don't know if there is any way to measure or figure this out but do people have a general idea of where in Toronto people tend to be more transient and where the neighbourhoods/areas would have lots of churn (eg. many live for a few years and then move out, with others coming in) as opposed to...
  18. wild goose chase

    Chicago Tribune compliments Toronto's transit system -- thoughts? Apparently Chicago's major newspaper has some positive things to say about our city's transit.
  19. wild goose chase

    British influences on Toronto, the city and its culture, that still survive to the present day

    Obviously, Toronto is much more like most (North) American cities than British ones, but there were British influences that could still strongly be felt in the past, both long ago and up to even a generation or two ago -- whether it was Victorian architecture, the cultural demeanor of the city...
  20. wild goose chase

    What world city (cities?) likely has the most Torontonians/connection to people from the city & GTA?

    Just an interesting thought, though this kind of question is probably not answerable based on data you'd find anyways -- what cities likely have the most connection to Toronto based on its citizens having lived in Toronto, or Torontonians themselves living there, either at some point in the past...