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  1. animatronic

    2019 Ontario Liberal Leadership Race / Rebuild

    Thread for discussion of the Ontario Liberal Party post-Ford, replacement of Kathleen Wynne and rebuild for the 2022 general election. Who's going to be interim leader? Will any feds drop down to provincial politics? Will they tack left or right? Discuss!
  2. animatronic

    2018 Ontario PC Leadership Race

    Discussion on the upcoming snap PC leadership election is getting scattered around a few related forums (e.g., the Wynne election thread, Doug Ford), so here's a place to cover the leadership race and party vote. Final Slate: - Patrick “Mulligan” Brown - Christine "3rd Time’s a Charm" Elliott -...
  3. animatronic

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    There have been a few requests to fork the Rob Ford thread so that all the Doug Ford stuff stands on its own. So, here's your chance. Post all of the Doug Ford mayoral comments here and leave Rob's thread for Rob. If it turns out that the community doesn't want to split things up we can just...
  4. animatronic

    U of T Alumni Online Course on The City & You - Sep 25 to Oct 27

    WHAT'S YOUR CITY DOING FOR YOU? THE CITY & YOU: FIND YOUR BEST PLACE A free five-week MOOC (massive open online course) With exclusive benefits just for U of T alumni! September 25, 2017 to October 27, 2017 Three of the biggest decisions we make in life are our career, choice of...
  5. animatronic

    Does your BBCode implementation support tables?

    I tried using the following code with the BB Code Editor setting enabled, but it just shows as text. table 1 table 2 table 3 table 4
  6. animatronic

    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    Starting a thread to discuss all of the council races for the 2018 election. The mayoral race is in a different thread. 2014 council thread: 2018 mayoral thread...
  7. animatronic

    Vote: Do you still want to see the Crack Video, or is it time to move on?

    Given the central role of the crack video in Ford's story, what impact does his passing have on the video's eventual release? Do you still care? Is it time to put this whole thing to rest? Or, have you already seen it? Actually quite curious to know how many people have - I assume it's in the...
  8. animatronic

    Toronto City Council By-Elections and Appointments 2014-2018 Term

    Discussion of the upcoming Ward 2 by-election / appointment and others that will occur before the next general election. While Council has the power to appoint at any time, the current (non-binding) policy is that all vacancies declared prior to Nov 30th 2017 will be filled via by-election...
  9. animatronic

    Poll #2: If Toronto bids on the 2024 Olympics, where will it finish?

    In the previous poll, a bare majority (51% yes, 42% no) voted in favour of bidding on the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Given that this is a highly competitive process, if Toronto make a bid where do you think we will finish? The current slate of announced competitors is Paris, Hamburg, Rome and...
  10. animatronic

    Toronto and the 2015 Federal Election

    So it looks like we're going to start heading the polls "officially" on Sunday. It probably makes sense to create a thread specifically on the election and its impact on Toronto and the GTA (lest it all get crammed into Rob Ford's Toronto, no doubt). Which party has the best vision for Toronto...
  11. animatronic

    Question for UTers: Should Toronto bid for the 2024 Olympics?

    So there's a lively discussion in the 2024 Olympic Bid thread on whether Toronto should jump into the race. Opinions range from "The Olympics will solve all our problems and put a unicorn in every home" to "The Olympics will bankrupt the country and turn Toronto into a toxic wasteland of...
  12. animatronic

    TDSB & TCDSB Trustees/Politics So it looks like l'il Mikey is facing the first big challenge of his burgeoning political career. The fact that he's the only trustee I can name off the top of my head is perhaps an indication of...
  13. animatronic

    Mayor Doug Ford's Toronto

    Just kidding... he doesn't have a hope in hell.