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    Anybody know what this is? York Mills & Bayview

    "Marshalls Gulf" for years also sponsored boys hockey teams at York Mills Arena to the southeast across the intersection.
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    Anybody know what this is?

    What was the route for the old Zoo train? Maybe they roughed that in for expansion or it went to the old train garage?
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    Ontario Northland and the End of the Northlander

    Check here: Public global company with $326 Million of Annual net Cash - they can cough 10M a year to stay in that market if they want.
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    Any idea what fireball that was?
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Why is it that every media outlet is reporting this straight except for CP24 that is reporting that Renata is In custody for "suspected" driving while impaired and used the quote by Spokesman Kwong that Renata "has alcohol in her blood"? The posting ends that she is "facing a charge". - I mean...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    So are we betting The Green Party will be pursuing the recount by proxy for the Democrats? Good tactic if they do.
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    Whole Foods

    Anyone know anything about Whole foods in Winnipeg? Local rumour going around but it is Winnipeg...
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    Shipping Container Architecture in Toronto

    Shipping container are a specific type of steel - CORTEN - it is designed to maintain its strength while weathering/rusting and the energy/resources required to recycle the steel into a reusable element would be ridiculous. They make a great platform for application re-use after circling the...
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    Maps of Toronto's old rail lines?

    That white crane is a marine lift crane. Container cranes are MUCH different and are rated to 25 Tonnes.
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    Colourful characters from the past

    Who else has seen the skateboarding Spiderman. Not sure if he's the same as one of the posers at YDS but he often flies by whooping "Yahoo!". I was out on Yonge Street yessterday and heard the same "Yahoo!" and saw a younger man on a skatboard heading southbound at a good clip - made me wonder...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Ford is just now on CP24 - he looks like he's on something again. Babbling, rocking back and forth spewing the same old "I know better crap". Comments on Norm Kelly's dinners calling it "the Gravy Train" which is rich coming from him after treating City Hall like his playpen. No retraction or...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Deadly in fact.
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    267 College Street / SE Corner Spadina & College

    The Burger King building I believe is currently privately held but this does not mean U ot T doesn't hold an option on it - would make sense.
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    267 College Street / SE Corner Spadina & College

    Someone hear had eluded to a team of surveyors taking notice / paying attention to this site hinting about potential development. I have since heard a rumor that U of T might have an option on this site and proposals are currently being solicited. Anyone else here anything?
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    Natural Grass in the Rogers Centre/Possibility of a New Baseball Stadium in Toronto

    MLSE wants to own the Argos without having to pay for them - that IS the deal. Similar way Rogers bought the Skydome. "We are the only game in town that can SAVE this situation". Just watch...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Dirty Trick Playbook - Provincial Style: The calls appear to have targeted Brown backers with “non-English names,†Mark Towhey, executive director of the Brown...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Tory would be smart to write off Ward 2 - (edit: Never mind - just forget that one misguided Ward).
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    LCBO Moves - Rumoured and confirmed

    I stand corrected - damn - it does say 6pm on Saturday.
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    LCBO Moves - Rumoured and confirmed

    I'll double check but I believe the window card says 9 to 9.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Ranked Balloting will end this once and for all.