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  1. alexanderglista

    Wealthsimple Stadium (Ad Company Geniuses, 0s, Août Poisson Architects)

    Mods, please delete this if it isn't appropriate. BlogTO posted this on their Instagram. It's supposed to be a "stadium downtown", and looks like a new build and way too small to be the rumoured Rogers Centre renovation. An announcement is supposed to come later this week.
  2. alexanderglista

    271 Cornwall Road & 485 Trafalgar Road (Oakville, First Capital, 14 + 19s, Giannone Petricone Associates)

    New development near Oakville GO in an existing strip mall in Olde Oakville. Two buildings are proposed, standing at 19s and 14s. No application to the Town of Oakville has been made yet, but the land owner First Capital is hosting a meeting to discuss the development with the community before...
  3. alexanderglista

    157 Cross Avenue (Oakville, Can China Real Capital inc, 12 + 26s, The Planning Partnership

    New proposal near Oakville GO, 26s and 12s, with a potential phase 2.
  4. alexanderglista

    CN Milton Logistics Hub

    Thought that this $250 million intermodal logistics hub being proposed by CN deserved a thread, as it is a huge development and could potentially have implications for future GO service, and underscores the need for the "Missing Link"/Freight Bypass. In short, the development will: develop 400...
  5. alexanderglista

    York 9 FC Stadium (York Region, 15,000 Seats)

    Today, the Canadian Premier League's first team was officially unveiled, the York 9 FC ("9" stands for the nine municipalities in York Region). For the first few years they will play at York U, then move to a 15,000 seat stadium in York Region (location TBD). From the team's website:
  6. alexanderglista

    Mississauga Soccer Stadium (Canadian Premier League, other events)

    While browsing for details about the upcoming Canadian Premier League, I found some really cool information pertaining to Mississauga. Evidently, a supporter's group dubbed the "Sauga City Collective" is pushing for a CPL team for the city, and their (very slick) website also included a...
  7. alexanderglista

    Oakville Former Hospital Site

    I thought I'd make a thread for the former hospital lands in Old Oakville. It is a large plot of land very close to downtown Oakville that will see significant redevelopment over the next few years. I've attached a few links with an overview of the site and what is proposed. Link to Town of...
  8. alexanderglista

    Autonomous Vehicles (On-Road Testing and Impacts)

    Hey all - I made this thread in response to an article that I came across in the Toronto Start today: Uber's self-driving cars hit Toronto streets — in manual mode I understand that this tech isn't specifically public transportation or infrastructure, however Ontario has green-light 7...
  9. alexanderglista

    Toronto-Muskoka Rail Service

    I was scanning the internet, when I came across the following page on the Municipality of Muskoka's website: Town Hall Meeting - Aug 23: Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel (CPMRT) It discusses the "Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel (CPMRT)" and includes a survey to gauge people's...
  10. alexanderglista

    Toronto | Oak & CO Condos | ?m | 25s | Cortel Group | Zeidler

    Just wanted to post about a new set of condos I saw being advertised on Oakville Transit busses and at the Oakville GO station. They are called "OAK & CO" and will be located at the corner of Trafalgar and Dundas (278 Dundas Street East). I'm looking forward to more density here, and would love...
  11. alexanderglista

    TransPod Hyperloop

    I totally understand that the concept of a functioning passenger Hyperloop is an idea that is still many years away from implementation, but due to the Toronto-based company TransPod getting more and more press, I figured that a thread here would be a good idea so people can throw around...
  12. alexanderglista

    Barrie Collingwood Railway (BCRY)

    As there has recently been some discussion in the VIA Rail thread about the viability of passenger service from Barrie to Collingwood, I thought I'd make a thread here as a more apt place to discuss it. Also, the Orangeville-Brampton Railway has a thread, so figured that this RR should have one...
  13. alexanderglista

    Oakville Health, Science and Technology District (Oakville Green Developments Inc.)

    Didn't see a forum for the proposed "Oakville Health, Science and Technology District" to be built near the new Oakville hospital on Dundas so I decided to make one. Article...
  14. alexanderglista

    Moose Rail (National Capital Region)

    I decided to start a thread dedicated to Moose Rail, the proposed privately run commuter rail service for the National Capital Region. The official website can be found here: Facebook Page:
  15. alexanderglista

    Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY)

    I thought I would make a thread dedicated to the Orangeville-Brampton Railway and the Credit Valley Explorer train service. With a chunk of the line running through the GTA, the OBRY as a rail corridor could become more and more important in the future.
  16. alexanderglista

    GO Transit: 50 Possible Sites for new Stations

    Metrolinx just released a report detailing potential new station locations across the entire GO network. I'd say this is a pretty huge development.