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    Susur closing?!-10536.html
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    the arts - toronto vs montreal

    i don't really like the versus debates, but i've a question that i really don't know much about. i was talking to someone yesterday who has lived in both cities. she said that the art scene was better in montreal than toronto. is this true? if so, how? her comments were likely specifically...
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    Ed Mirvish passes away at age 92

    very sad.
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    CityPlace: South Linear Park

    was wondering if anyone knew what this was about... South Linear Park Opening Date: Monday July 9 Time: 2:30 pm Location: at the northeast corner of Spadina Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard Please join Councillor Vaughan, Councillor McConnell, the Concord Adex team and City of Toronto...
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    Ireland Park

    i think it's open today. i saw some pictures on it looks really good.