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  1. pmilo

    88 North Condos (aka 88 Queen East)

    88 North Condos is in its Platinum Sales phase. The average price is approx 650 per sq ft. Parking goes for $59K. Here are the tower floor plans. The dotted balcony lines indicate the various sizes based on which floor.
  2. pmilo

    Brockton Commons Pricing and Floor Plans

    Great Gulf finally released the pricing and floor plans for the new town homes that were once Lighthaus. Unless you can afford a full row townhome (Suite D, or A but closest to rail track), the layouts seem just ok to me. The bedrooms are on avg 10 x 9 and spaces seem cramped. ps. right...
  3. pmilo

    Axiom Richmond 3 Floor Plan- thoughts?

    Hey All. This is the floor plan I bought. Wanted to see what others thought. I have a full wrap around balcony that goes along the bedroom. (Sorry for the quality of image. Try looking beyond the realtors logo. Its the best pic I could find.)
  4. pmilo

    Vox Condominiums (Cresford) - Real Estate -

    I know this isn't the right thread, but there isn't a real estate thread for Vox Condos yet. Moderators please create one and move this over. Here are the floor plans. Typical layouts seen similar to Casa condos. It's disappointing when 2 bedroom units have only showers (no bathtubs) or...