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    Toronto Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    Does anybody know why they decided to put the office building on Queens Quay and the residential towers closer to the Gardiner? Every time I pass this building I'm struck by the fact that it would seem to make more sense the other way around...almost as if somebody held the plans upside down...
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    I've gotta say, as much as I love this development, I think I'd prefer it without the residential towers. The podium buildings are so perfect, and I worry that the towers on top might be a bit much (it all looks especially packed in that last live-cam shot).
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    Toronto Two Hundred The Beach | 24.08m | 6s | The Riedel Group | Richard Ziegler

    Here are a few shots from about an hour ago. I have to agree with insertnamehere, the building is pretty disappointing. One Rainsford definitely turned out better.
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    Toronto Sixty Colborne Condos | 82.29m | 25s | Freed | a—A

    I think this looks much better than a bright orange glass (which is what I was expecting) would have. This brings a touch of colour without being garish or tacky. I love it!
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    Toronto Two Hundred The Beach | 24.08m | 6s | The Riedel Group | Richard Ziegler

    This is looking significantly different from the renders. The stone (probably faux-stone like the Building next door) portion looks like it won’t be going right to the top as it does in the render. The shape of the whole top floor of the building is quite different really.
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    Toronto Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    This is so Toronto.
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    To be honest, those tower designs are pretty underwhelming. I think it works for the middle building with the heritage-esque podium, since it echoes the dynamic of buildings like QRC. But overall I was hoping for something with more variety. I guess its better to have memorable podiums (podia?)...
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    This just goes to show that it is possible to design something that feels like it draws from the past without being kitschy or fake. This is the kind of thing I want to see more of in Toronto. Can't wait to see it built!
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    Toronto Sidewalk Toronto at Quayside | ?m | ?s | Sidewalk | Snøhetta, the Waterfront Toronto website for the site, now sends you directly to a new website,
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    Toronto 8-20 Widmer Street | 182.87m | 56s | Scott Shields

    I believe those were already torn down. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Toronto Two Hundred The Beach | 24.08m | 6s | The Riedel Group | Richard Ziegler

    I hope so. We love meat on the beach and would hate to see it go, but could also use another grocery store in the area.
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    Toronto Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    I really don't understand why these things seem to happen in Toronto, and not anywhere else. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like there are a pretty wide variety of impediments to having a nice urban environment that simply don't exist in other places. I mean, why is it so hard to get nice garbage...
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    Toronto Massey Tower Condos | 206.95m | 60s | MOD Developments | Hariri Pontarini

    I wasn't really convinced I'd like this one, but now it's (literally) growing on me. I can't wait to see it rise!
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    Toronto 400 King West | 157.37m | 48s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    Is that curved glass I see !? I like it!
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    It makes me so happy to know that the public realm here is in the hands of Claude Cormier. I actually have faith that we will get something of quality here. Also, after the huge success of Berczy park, I think the inclusion of cats is a great idea.
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    Toronto Two Hundred The Beach | 24.08m | 6s | The Riedel Group | Richard Ziegler

    Here's one I took yesterday. Not much has changed since the previous post. It really does seem like this has been proceeding at a snail's pace, but it's finally starting to come along.
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    Toronto Ace Hotel Toronto | 44.8m | 13s | Carbon Hospitality | Shim-Sutcliffe

    That's incredibly disappointing. I've been really looking forward to this one.
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    Toronto The Selby | 165.5m | 50s | Tricon | bKL Architecture

    I think the texture and colour of the brick looks great, but am I the only one who notices and/or is bothered by the fact that you can clearly see the joints between panels? This seems to be pretty much the norm when it comes to precast brick cladding solutions (even if it is real brick)--and...
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    Toronto Bauhaus Condos | 110.9m | 32s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    I have to say, I'm pretty consistently impressed with what I see from Lamb. It's obviously hard to tell from a single image, but it looks pretty sleek. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the awkward relationship to the building on the right. The podium of this tower could line up with the...
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    Toronto 101 Spadina Avenue | 133.95m | 39s | Devron Developments | AUDAX

    Wow! I actually really like the look of that. Interesting massing that accomplishes the same thing as the standard podium + point tower combo while actually feeling different, and what looks to be interesting cladding choice! Bring it on.