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    Toronto West Don Lands: Block 13 | 139.31m | 43s | Dream | Henriquez Partners

    It suggests they don't think buildings are attractive objects (very strange mindset to begin with) and/or what they're building is unappealing to the point it must be made invisible (impossible so why even attempt it).
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    Toronto Mirvish Village (Honest Ed's Redevelopment) | 85.04m | 26s | Westbank | Henriquez Partners

    Next step on this stretch is to dig up the sidewalk to bury the electrical, lane reduction from 4 to 2, elimination of on street parking, attractive lamp posts, and idiot proofing the bike lanes so cars don't park in them. I suppose, Toronto will get there eventually but it will take another...
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    Toronto Ontario Line: Queen Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    When it comes time to rebuild Queen Street, will pedestrianization occur with 2 lanes instead of 4 (hopefully car free), wider sidewalks, quality paving, landscaping, etc? It would be a colossal waste of money if it's rebuilt as the 4 car lane road it's been up till now. This is the perfect...
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    Closest Urban Area To GTHA

    My thoughts the last few years mirror yours. I also concluded that London UK was the closest pairing although our move towards a poly centric metro started decades before London and (PT excluded) we're notably further ahead of London in building out our nodes. It's more a case that Toronto is...
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    Toronto Alias | 160.52m | 48s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    They don't put concept cars in their car showroom. We know full well regular people (customers) would assume that's what they're buying. It wouldn't be acceptable in a car show room and it shouldn't be acceptable in a condo show room. Only development industry people and people on sites like...
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    Toronto Love Park | 3m | 1s | City of Toronto

    Only catering to the preferences of 1 group of people is rarely a good idea. People who like ponds are to go where?
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    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    It's not one of my desired locations either but it does have loads of pluses. It's on 2 subway lines and there are many options within a 5-10 minute walk: U of T/Queens Park, AGO, Church Street, Ramsden Park/tennis courts, David Balfour Park, and loads of employment in the area. In terms of...
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    Mississauga Exchange District Condos | 232m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | Arcadis

    For all the density being put in and interest in urbanization, Mississauga is still extremely auto-centric in its mindset. Their roads are borderline highways with 6-10 lanes, they design monster blocks that exacerbate the problem further, pour concrete sidewalks (about the cheapest most...
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    Toronto Quay House | 73.15m | 21s | Empire | Kirkor

    It's not even the worst on its block. The exact same criticisms or harsher could be made against 70% of what Toronto builds. It's curious as to which builds get singled out though.
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    A modern speakeasy isn't illegal like the real ones from the 1920s but how does this qualify as one? It's not hidden, underground, or secret. It's easily recognized as a bar with a main entrance, patio, and you can even see booze displayed on the shelves from outside this place. Just turning...
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    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Toronto literally has 1000s of buildings of this vintage that were similarly neglected, partially destroyed, or plastered with all manner of tacky siding, advertisement, and cheapness. There are 100s of buildings on Queen Street alone that need the same TLC as this one received. Slowly, we're...
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    John Street Revitalization

    The public realm is arguably as important as the buildings we design and build. It's how we interact with our city when outside. Our streets/sidewalks are as bare bones and depressing as they could possibly be with little thought was given to appearance. We can't keep going on as we are so...
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    John Street Revitalization

    And when John Street is done we only have ~10,000 more streets covering 5,397 km with 7,100 km of sidewalk left to do. With the speedy pace of change we've seen (29 years/street) it should only take 290,000 years to get it all done...
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    Toronto Pinnacle One Yonge | 345.5m | 105s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    The police are forever parking in bike lanes; as are motorists and bus drivers. I guess some child will have to die to enact change.
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    Toronto Alias | 160.52m | 48s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    +1 Build what your renderings promise. It's dishonest and deceitful to produce images that aren't representative. It's been standard practice for so long a lot people deem it acceptable. It is not. Hiding behind a mountain of legal mumbo jumbo (few will understand) doesn't make it acceptable...
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    Toronto Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    A food hall is really just a food court by another name. It's re-branding to sound more upscale but the concept is the same. We did the same thing with the word 'cinema' in the 1990s. The industry pushed the term 'movie theatre' because it sounded more cultured and sophisticated. A theatre...
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    Toronto 399 Yonge | 252.3m | 75s | Capital Developments | Teeple Architects

    In all fairness, one building isn't going to turn Yonge Street around. It's a 4 lane thoroughfare for cars with a narrow concrete sidewalk thrown in as an afterthought. People don't go to Yonge Street because it's nice. We'll likely need wait another 30+ years before it gets re-worked into...
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    Toronto St Lawrence Centre Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | CreateTO | Hariri Pontarini

    Like the Four Seasons Centre, the exterior is unspectacular but the interior is top shelf. That's far better than the other way around, but Toronto should stop thinking of itself as a giant Oshawa and start building things that are more in line with its position as a big global city.
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    Toronto Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    And those are the people that like City Place.