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    Submission 16: O.R.E. - "The Braided Strands"

    re: submission 16 This design has probably the most potential to solve all the needs of the project, and to provide numerous bonuses at a relatively reasonable cost. I agree it has potential to become an 'instantLandmark' and will appeal to any City official or design panel with a sense of...
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    Are we being extorted by art?

    you ninny; to start with art and culture is "everything' it's what you do, and who you are! Having yelled that, the 'taxes' you are talking about are "fees" for advertising billboards, which will be money slipped out of the deep pockets of huge corporations, and used to beautify the City...
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    The track south of Dupont to North of St Clair parallel to Lansdowne is not the Georgetown line; it runs east of Dundas north and turns west. The track that has been removed is Go but serves due north (Newmarketish). And this Diamond track is to be raised over the east west tracks north of...
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    Laneway Housing and Garden Suites

    laneWayHousing pics; if i can figure out how to upload them here are a few pics: hmmm, o.k. one pic (guess the others were to big?)
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    Hume: City Building; Vancouver vs. Toronto

    Torontouver; vs Vanoronto agreeing as almost always with Chris Hume, i am always trying to push TO in the direction of giving its developers something to aim for, while being able to know the rules, and work within them. TO seems to always want to appoligize for anything exceptional that it...