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  1. christiesplits

    Toronto Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure ON

    Toronto Star Work at Ontario Place is stopped pending a court hearing
  2. christiesplits

    Leslieville / Studio District

    Now up for sale.
  3. christiesplits

    Toronto Ontario Line: Queen-Spadina Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx | HDR

    The station exteriors are still fairly muted, but they're an improvement over the cold and institutional look of the Crosstown stations.
  4. christiesplits

    Mayor Olivia Chow's Toronto

    After a year in office, Mayor Chow appears to be popular, with a 59% approval rating.
  5. christiesplits

    Canadian Soccer Association to bid for 2026 World Cup

    While security operations around the Olympics are mostly geared around terrorism and crowd control, an additional concern with the World Cup is preventing fan fights and hooliganism. There have been a number of incidents at this summer's European Championship...
  6. christiesplits

    Green Party of Canada: Leadership Race

    Neverending leadership drama with the Green Party.
  7. christiesplits

    Toronto KüL Condos | 41.81m | 12s | Equiton | Icon

    Great job, @Towered!
  8. christiesplits

    Toronto East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    I think it's disappointing they couldn't at least preserve the smaller of the two buildings and have incorporated it into a community hub or cafe space.
  9. christiesplits

    Toronto East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    Coincidentally, just around the corner from Toronto's first baseball stadium.
  10. christiesplits

    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Tzatziki, a Greek joint at Pape and Danforth, has opened a second location in Davisville Village.
  11. christiesplits

    Hamilton King William Urban Rentals | 97.56m | 30s | LIUNA | Graziani + Corazza

    I think the height is fine, especially given that it's adjacent to the King William restaurant strip.
  12. christiesplits

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    Also, there's the benefit of local economic development. LCBO showcases Ontario products, particularly wine, over other products, including giving Ontario wines prime shelf space. Unfortunately, product consultants are becoming fewer and fewer. You've also seen an overall decrease in store...
  13. christiesplits

    Window Washing

    Great photos @Bibi L I salute our intrepid window washers!
  14. christiesplits

    Toronto Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    Impressed by the list of vendors. I find the Edison-lightbulb-and-metal-bar-stools vibe played out, but I will still check it out.