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  1. Andrew3D

    Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (Brookfield, 50s, WZMH)

    Nowhere in the past 10 pages have these been posted or anytime after July 7th, though 41stfloor did post a small handful of different pictures showing the inside progress. The work wasn't as far along in the pictures he posted. Regardless, if these are a repost then they're here for anybody who...
  2. Andrew3D

    Toronto scraps museum project, plans to raze site instead

    The centre court would make for a great patio as well. Taken by:cfives5 at
  3. Andrew3D

    Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (Brookfield, 50s, WZMH)

    I just discovered these pictures of the P.A.T.H taken by cfives5 on These images are 2 months old now. I've included a few extra shots from the interior as well.
  4. Andrew3D

    Pictures Wanted

    Yup, these were all over New York, no doubt my hotel parked my Prius in one. Taken by: Luigi Rosa's on
  5. Andrew3D

    Pictures Wanted

    Crazy parking picture. Ed, help yourself to any of these pics, all taken down at the distillery.
  6. Andrew3D

    Toronto Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    I think that's the first picture to be posted of Cube lofts. It's been a while since I posted on here. Just trying to get used to the setting on the camera I'm using so the images for the next little while won't be at their best. July 29th same angle as Caltrane.
  7. Andrew3D

    Toronto First Canadian Place Rejuvenation | 298.08m | 72s | Brookfield | MdeAS Architects

    This project is taking it's sweet time. I did this little render 2 weeks ago when I should have been working. I know it wont happen but I'd love to at least see the building get that mess on the roof cleaned up and replaced with a single antenna.
  8. Andrew3D

    Submission 13: Andrew Moore - "Skyspan"

    Updated design using some suggestions mentioned here. - Lost the cable supports in favour of a rigid frame design to cut costs - Gave the bridge a "C" curve for added design - Chose only blue-green hues for the glass - Added temp stairs and off ramps for mobility - Tried to emulate the city...
  9. Andrew3D

    Submission 13: Andrew Moore - "Skyspan"

    jks, thanks for the comment. What you're seeing is just a default texture applied to the whole file. I'm not sure if we can post updates on here after 6pm today so I'll make this my last submission. Just a few examples of the materials, colours, and materials I'd like to use for my...
  10. Andrew3D

    Liberty On The Park (Liberty Village, CanAlfa, 15s)

    I'm hoping for design sake this one bites the dust. It makes little to no effort to fit in with the industrial feel of the area. Liberty Village could have been the next Distillery but too many developers out to make a quick buck were allowed permits by the city with little to no public input...
  11. Andrew3D

    COMING SOON! Bridging the Design Gap - a UT design charette

    Albuquerque New Mexico for 1 or more years.
  12. Andrew3D

    COMING SOON! Bridging the Design Gap - a UT design charette

    If I can find the time and inspiration between now and the 29th I will. Between my day job, my teaching job, my current local move and my soon approaching stateside move my free time is scarce. But I'll do my best :)
  13. Andrew3D

    COMING SOON! Bridging the Design Gap - a UT design charette

    I'd be more then happy to some 3d modeling of the designs. (Time permitting)
  14. Andrew3D

    Toronto Telus House - 25 York Street | 136.24m | 30s | Menkes | Sweeny &Co

    Spot the mistake? How about now?