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    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    The islanders aren't some sort of vanderbilt-style millionaires twirling their moustaches as they drink mint juleps and laugh at the downtrodden mainlanders. They're generally low-to-medium income people that have been living there for 30 years or more (and who can only pass on their houses to...
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Agree on the black socks with brown shoes. I also hate loafers, but that's a matter of preference, I suppose.
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    I couldn't disagree more. Brown shoes and belt with a blue suit is a classic combination. Also, who wears tan and brown suits anymore? And who ever wore white suits, unless they're the owner of Rick's Cafe Americain?
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    That's what they all are at this point. Who needs new streetcars when we already have them!
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    How would that work? People are going to want to drive their kids to the daycare, and how are they going to drop them off if they can't stop? They're either going to ignore the law, or drop them off slightly further away (probably the former). I originally thought this was a blue splashpad...
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    LBGT parade & Police

    While I understand peoples' issue with carding, how do you deal with it? The proposal was to prevent the police from approaching and questioning people that they didn't have a direct suspicion of. Leaving aside the fact that this would make Toronto literally the only jurisdiction in the world...
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    Streets that best represent the "essence" of their neighborhood

    At the risk of being immodest I'm going to propose Metcalfe St. for Cabbagetown. The one distinctive Cabbagetown feature that Metcalfe lacks is the cottages that you find on places like Amelia, but Metcalfe is the best example of Victorian rowhouses, which (IMHO) are the heart and soul of the 'hood.
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    Battle of the Mattresses: Casper vs. ENDY

    Have you ever tried a memory foam mattress? It's nothing like a futon (I had a futon in university and an Endy now, and they're nothing alike other than the fact that they both don't use springs, I suppose). The mattress review website Sleep Like The Dead puts overall owner satisfaction for...
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    Battle of the Mattresses: Casper vs. ENDY

    Can't speak to Casper, but we got an Endy about eight months ago or so and it's been amazing. Best sleep of my life, and way better than our previous latex mattress. One thing my wife was worried about was edge support (whether you couldn't sleep right near the edge or you'd be more likely to...
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    The western invasion: Toronto's new restaurant kings

    Hiring only good-looking people doesn't violate human rights codes (or the charter)...ugly people aren't a protected group. Making employees wear too-revealing clothing might be a problem, but hiring only the beautiful people in the first place isn't an issue.
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    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    Um...among all of the other really out-there nonsense you've posted, I feel that I should point out that Patrick Stewart isn't gay (and neither is Captain Picard, unless he was hiding it for some reason).
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    Chinese investors avoid taxes through Canadian real estate

    It's more than that, though. They don't just have the property owned by the corporation; if they did, the corporation itself would have to pay tax (capital gains and land transfer) when the property was sold. Instead, they have title registered in the name of the corporation, but beneficial...
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    Union Station Market Meals

    I had fish and chips from the place that's right at the westmost end (not sure of the name). It was terrible. The fish was just okay (breaded, not battered, and no real flavour), the coleslaw had no taste, and the fries tasted like they had a whole bulb of garlic on them. Overpowering. I most...
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    In a three lane highway, both the left and middle lanes are passing lanes. If you're in the middle lane, someone's behind you, and no one's beside you, you should move into the right lane. It's that simple.
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    Union Station Market Meals

    I got three buns from the Hot Bunzz place on Monday at lunchtime; they were fine...nothing special (and a little heavy), but tasty. I got the BLT sandwich from Bacon Nation this morning, and I wouldn't get it again. A strange sweet BBQ sauce, flabby bacon (from a place called Bacon Nation, no...
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    Ahh...good to know. Thanks. Still a pain (how does one get to Cabbagetown when travelling east on Lakeshore?), but if it's only temporary thats not a real problem.
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    "Mark thread as read" functionality

    I like how we can now mark forums as read, but does it have to take so long? One click to choose "Mark Forums Read" (not the most obvious selection if all you want to do is mark the current forum read), another click to choose "mark forums read" again, a surprisingly lengthy wait for it to...
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    Wait...going east on Lakeshore you can no longer turn north on Parliament?? That's really inconvenient. I wonder why...I never noticed any traffic issues resulting from that green arrow. You can't turn north on Jarvis from Lakeshore, can you turn on Sherbourne?
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    Toronto Union Pearson Express | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | MMM Group Limited

    The Toronto Taxicab Bill of Rights specifies that a cab driver may refuse to provide service if you do various things including not specifying your destination on entering the cab, being abusive, or asking to go to an unsafe place. Although it doesn't say it specifically, this certainly implies...
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    Toronto Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    Is this what you're looking for? The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is great, by the way.