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    Markham Highmount & Kingdom Markham | ?m | 37s | Kingdom | Kirkor + Core + ZO1

    Looks like they sold it in July of 2016 for just shy of $44M... but the deal fell through. Purchaser failed on the second deposit; the initial deposit of $1M forfeited. WOW!
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    Why can't we sell homes by open auction?

    The majority of houses sold in Australia are NOT sold at auction, if you analyse the stats. Some have bully offers so the house is sold before auction, almost half have the owners withdrawing the property during auction as it doesn't meet the minimum bid (said minimum isn't known to the buyers...
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    Toronto e2 at ePlace | 156.56m | 46s | Capital Developments | TACT Architecture

    A few in 39 are suing the Condo Board, feeling they didn't get fair market value for their unit. Market value in 39 was tricky to determine, considering the age of some of the systems which were going to need replacing soon. The building was actually in two parts, so it had two roofs, two HVAC...
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    Sale and Leaseback

    Saskia, as a very inquisitive realtor, I'll give you a call this week to discuss what you do. It doesn't suit my clients (generally a younger set) but I'm anxious to learn more about it. It makes better financial sense than those 'reverse mortgages' which have scam interest rates which eat up...
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    Jasonzed's myDrone Activity of Toronto and Area

    I am so addicted to your drone pics. Nice break in the middle of a work day. Thank you!
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    Number of houses converted to income apartments in Toronto?

    Tendim, if people buy up these multi-unit properties and turn them back into single family homes, the value will go UP, not DOWN. The neighbourhood will slowly turn more desirable and less affordable. Cabbagetown used to be full of rooming houses and 3-4 unit homes. Now, they're few and far...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    I'm not surprised at all with these numbers. Pier 27 is selling at over $1,000 /sq.ft. Investors don't just need to break even on the carrying costs, they're in it for the long-term increase in value. Toronto's real estate will continue to go up in value as long as we have current immigration...
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    Shadow Flipping

    Buyers of flips are very aware of what they're buying as all details are contained in the offer. Realtors really don't care if you buy a flip or a registered unit - the price is the price and the commission is what it is - there's absolutely NO benefit whatsoever to the realtor if you buy a...
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    Number of houses converted to income apartments in Toronto?

    Many things affect whether a second (or third) unit is legal. City zoning, Ontario Building Code, fire regulations, and local by-laws. A separate hydro meter is not a requirement. These houses were divided into apartments usually without any permits. The City will only send out an inspector...
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    Sale and Leaseback

    I can't see any landlord locking themselves to a tenant long-term. Circumstances change where they may need to sell, and having a long term sitting tenant is not in their best interests as it will affect the sale price. In Toronto's rental climate, changing tenants can mean a substantial...
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    Should Sold Data be public?

    ^Smart person!
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    Should Sold Data be public?

    sepr, you are publishing private information. This is not data on closed deals which you are publishing, these are pending sales and that information is most definitely private. Registry data only contains information on closed deals. Be prepared for a solicitor's letter and possible lawsuit.
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    Should Sold Data be public?

    Well, not to be disagreeable but this information is ONLY available through restricted MLS databases as it is strictly private and not allowed to be released under the Privacy Act. After closing, only Teranet has the license to distribute the information and you must subscribe.
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    Should Sold Data be public?

    sepr, where are you obtaining this "sold" data from for Ontario?
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    Renting in DT Toronto - What's the deal?

    Shiny, if the height greatly improves the view, then tenants will pay more. If it only means staring into other condos on higher floors, tenants won't. Depends on the building, location and view. Test the market, see what it bears and if you don't get any interest, lower the price.
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    Condos That Allow Large Pets (85lb Dog)

    There are many levels of law regarding pets in condos. If you are an owner, you can be restricted by the by-laws of the condo corporation and that is legal and binding (tested by Supreme Court recently). If you are a tenant in a condo building which has a by-law stating no pets and you were...
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    Home at Arlington and Vaughn

    First time buyer and structural defects - walk from it. $10K won't even touch a defect like that, let alone solve it.
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    Should Sold Data be public?

    The Ontario government has licensed this data to Teranet who supplies it to the public via their Geowarehouse site. Teranet as the sole authority to release this information. BTW, I'm talking about the sold after closing data, not the sold before closing data which TREB protects by law. You...
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    Yahoo! Canada Launches Zoocasa Real Estate Application for House-Hunting Canadians

    Migos, you and I keep going around in circles. It IS private information that belongs to the seller of the property. YOU cannot access it through subscription or any other method UNTIL it is a closed deal. Before that, the seller has given us licensed realtors who have legal access to the MLS...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    So true, James, and one would also have to take into account that the gains of one would be taxable, and the gains of the other wouldn't. That's a good chunk o' change when we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another thought: the bank will loan me $700,000 to 'invest' in real...