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    Amazon Second HQ

    This may be one of those times where it's good that our mayor was a former CEO of a large technology(ish) company. I'm sure that at the very least he knows what a large corporation would be looking for and would have a better idea how to sell it.
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    Amazon Second HQ

    How about Downsville Park? There's a bunch of random things there right now which could be repurposed/rezoned and lots of space. And it's right on the subway AND a 25 minute drive to Pearson.
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    Toronto Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    I think until we see actual plans of this project it is too early to really say anything about it (as noted the pictures state clearly that the illustrations are for massing/illustration only). Just because a big name is involved does not guarantee it's going to be good. If we're going to...
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    Is there a SINGLE non-glass box going up in the city at the moment?

    I would say most of the new buildings going up on the St. Lawrence Market area are not glass blocks, except for L Tower.
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    Toronto 50 Bloor Street West | 230.11m | 70s | Morguard Corporation | Pellow + Associates

    I think the design looks good. It has a look that probably won't look idiotic 10 years from now as too many of our new towers these days have.
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    Wealthiest Neighborhood?

    Best post ever, better considering you were replying to a spammer :)
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    London on the Esplanade Condos (Cityzen) - Real Estate -

    Well I hope it vacumned out that awful smell of rotting whatever coming from the sewers in this area, but I highly doubt it. Glad to finally get a good night's sleep though!
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    London on the Esplanade Condos (Cityzen) - Real Estate -

    Anyone else notice the really annoying mechanical hum that keeps going on and off for the past week on the north-west side of the building? It's waking me up at all times of night. I wonder where it's coming from. St. Lawrence Centre ceiling heating maybe?
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    Markham World on Yonge | ?m | 31s | Liberty Development | Kirkor Architects

    Man I haven't been up there for a month and look what happens. Looks like Galleria is moving across the street. Most importantly though, does anyone know what happened to that awesome stand in front of Galleria? It's the only place in Toronto I know of that sold Taiyaki (red bean filled fish...
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    IKEA: hardest piece you've assembled?

    I'd like to chime in on the PAX wardrobe as well. The damn thing is extremely heavy, requires two people to assemble (not to mention taking out of the car is ridiculous as it's huge AND heavy). And of course because you have to assemble it lying flat but eventually have it standing up, you need...
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    Rossi promises traffic tunnel

    When I read about this yesterday, all I could think was... not even the most crazy forumers have ever come up with a plan this crazy, this stupid, and this unrealistic. Quite an achievement.
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    Mosque/Community Centre near Ground Zero - your thoughts?

    To be honest, a LOT of people have said similar comments, including Glenn Beck himself.
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    Any indie coffee fans out there?

    Was reading on Toronto life about this cool new thing that someone put together. Looks like they managed to get 24 different coffee places downtown to...
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    Anyone else here a fan of the show House?

    LOL from the title I thought this was about the Princess Margaret Hospital lottery's show house...
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    Mosque/Community Centre near Ground Zero - your thoughts?

    Well the Taiml Tigers are infamous for their suicide attacks.
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    Mosque/Community Centre near Ground Zero - your thoughts?

    Nope, it's like having a Southern Baptist church being built next to an IRA bombing site 10 years later. Nothing to do with it aside for the fact that they are both Christian (the IRA guys are all Catholic). IRA? Tamil Tigers? Basque Separatists? Timothy McVeigh? Unibomber? Anthrax letter...
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    Toronto Royal Ontario Museum | ?m | ?s | Daniel Libeskind

    These pictures are misleading. The only thing underneath the Louvre Pyramid is the area where you buy tickets. Those sculptures are in a completely different part of the museum altogether and have nothing to do with the pyramids.
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    Mosque/Community Centre near Ground Zero - your thoughts?

    Sorta like stopping the building of a YMCA near IRA bombing sites 10 years after they got bombed because well... it's Christian and so are the IRA.
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    A bigger Canada?

    Here's the problems with Canada's population growing to 100 million by 2050: 1) Current world-wide trends show that urbanization is on the rise around the entire world. With Canada having one of the highest urban rates in the world, and with 1/2 of our population already concentrated in our 6...