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  1. DSC

    Village Green Connecting Street

    Guess this fits here? The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) document is to retain the qualified professional planning and engineering consultant services needed to support the City of Toronto's completion of a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for: - A new...
  2. DSC

    King Parliament

    Though there is a great deal of overlap, King-Parliament is different from St Lawrence or Corktown and I am creating this thread primarily to discuss the City's plans to (finally!) update the King-Parliament Secondary Plan. Details are at...
  3. DSC

    Exhibition Place

    Unless the UT indexing has vanished there seems to be no general thread on Exhibition Place. I am creating this because there are two quite interesting restoration proposals coming to the Board on 14 November. The restoration of the McGillivray Fountain See...
  4. DSC

    New standard form of Lease in Ontario

    Beginning April 30, 2018, as part of the Province of Ontario’s implementation of its Fair Housing Plan, landlords of most private residential units in Ontario will be required to use a newly-created standard lease template (the “Template”) to document rental terms applicable to residential...
  5. T

    Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

    Since Ontario has announced that it will replicate the success of the LCBO with another entity to distribute Cannabis products we may as well have a thread to discuss their likely locations and store styles. Of course if they had just created a "store within a store" concept within the LCBO...
  6. DSC

    Queen Elizabeth Theatre Expansion (Exhibition Place)

    Since there seem to be plans to renovate the QE Theatre and greatly increase its capacity I am creating this thread. See: "The existing capacity of the QET is 2157 with 1300 theatre seating and the renovations proposed by...
  7. DSC

    Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge (Morley Callaghan Bridge)

    This bridge is being replaced in 2019/2020. Details at: • Toronto Preservation Board – Fall 2017 • Finalize Environmental Study Report; − 45-day Public Review Period (Winter 2017) • Detailed Design – 2018 / 2019 −...
  8. DSC

    Toronto | 18 Eastern Avenue | 46m | 12s | Alterra | Teeple Architects

    This is the block on north side of Eastern Avenue just west of Sackville Street. 18 EASTERN AVE Ward 28 - Tor & E.York District ►▼View All Properties 18 EASTERN AVE 22 EASTERN AVE 24 EASTERN AVE 24 A EASTERN AVE 24 B EASTERN AVE 28 EASTERN AVE 32 EASTERN AVE...
  9. DSC

    Rail Deck Park (?, ?, ?)

    This looks to me as though we ARE getting a new park: Media Advisory August 2, 2016 Mayor Tory to make major park announcement Mayor John Tory and Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy (Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina) will announce a major park initiative for Toronto. This initiative is part...
  10. DSC

    Bell Fibre in older buildings

    I hear that Bell are offering to rewire older condo and rental buildings for Fibre at no cost. Being a cynic, I assume there is a catch. Comments
  11. DSC

    Toronto | George Brown College: The Arbour | 52m | 10s | George Brown | Moriyama & Teshima

    Executive Committee consideration on December 1, 2015 EX10.8 ACTION Ward:28 George Brown College Waterfront Campus - Block 3 (Dockside) Academic Building - East Bayfront Origin (November 17, 2015) Report from the Deputy City Manager, Cluster B Recommendations The Deputy City Manager...
  12. DSC

    Grand Touring Automobiles (777 Dundas St E, 4s, Plaston Architect)

    I do not think a thread exists for this project, corner of Dundas East and Carroll Street (immediately west of Don Valley Parkway. ) The proposal is still 'under study" but they are already doing some site work and boring. 777 DUNDAS ST E Ward 30 - Tor & E.York District 777 DUNDAS ST E...
  13. DSC

    677 Wellington St. W./ The Wellington Street destructor + lands (future development)

    UT has written, briefly, about the wonderfully-named "Wellington Destructor" and there is lots more about it at: The City are about to do work on it and are looking for bids (Call number: 9121-15-7085) : Professional Services, Architectural...
  14. DSC

    Roads: Illumination of the Bloor Viaduct

    I can report here that the City has just posted tender for the Bloor Viaduct ILLUMINATION. Presumably this can only start after they finish the current work on the bridge concrete and metalwork. See:
  15. DSC

    Rockefeller Foundation - 100 Resilient Cities

    The Rockefeller Foundation has recently (?) started a network of 100 resilient cities. They offer financial support and assistance. Details are at: The next application deadline is 10 September and it might be something that the City (or...
  16. DSC

    Toronto | East Bayfront: Aitken Place Park | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I assume Aitken Place park is in East Bayfront. (Aitken Place is on north of railway, in St Lawrence. Request for Pre-Qualifications (PQ) #2014-12: Aitken Place Park - Landscape Architect & Lead Consultant Waterfront Toronto (legally known as Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation) is...
  17. DSC

    Toronto Aboriginal Hub (Anishnawbe Health, ?s, Quadrangle/Stantec)

    The Ontario Government has just announced that after the Games a piece of land ("the 2.4-acre site is located at the corner of Front and Cherry streets") at the Pan-Am Village site will be donated for a new Aboriginal Community Health Centre. Details at...
  18. DSC

    Toronto | Waterfront Innovation Centre | 53m | 12s | Waterfront Toronto | Sweeny &Co

    Waterfront Toronto have just announced: "Waterfront Toronto will be issuing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in October 2013, for the opportunity to develop a leading-edge innovation centre as part of Toronto’s East Bayfront community. As the submission deadline for this RFQ is scheduled...
  19. DSC

    Cable TV in Condominiums

    I am thinking of buying a condominium in an (older) building that has a bulk purchase contract with Rogers Cable TV and gets their Ultimate Digital package plus 3 standard digital boxes for about $32 a month. It is a compulsory charge so all units get this package but can then buy additional...
  20. DSC

    Toronto | Massey Hall Revitalization | 48m | 6s | KPMB

    Thanks to the proposed development of 197 Yonge Street, Massey hall is getting a bit more land and will be demolishing the Albert Building and renovating Massey Hall. Most changes will be internal but among the more obvious will be that the external fire escapes - added in 1911 - will be...