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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    I can confirm that Mikey (Mutey) Ford is actually capable of speaking. I was waiting for the washroom to become vacant yesterday at the Yonge-Bloor-Bay-BA debate at St. Andrew's United church, and Mikey was seated in a chair next to the door. I asked him if he was waiting in line, and he said...
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    Toronto Casa III Condos | 179.52m | 55s | Cresford | a—A

    According to the report, 61 Hayden St., a Georgian Revival structure dating back to 1868/69 and currently houses a travel agency, is also to be demolished as part of this project.
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    Harbord Village

    Also, Dr Henry Morgentaler's clinic was located at 85 Harbord St. for awhile.
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    Hume on Bay Street

    There's a sign up promoting an impending Aroma Expresso Bar in that space. Interior work has picked up steadily. My wife and I lament the lost opportunity for a nice flower shop/greenhouse that could have taken advantage of all that glass and natural light.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Does anyone have a link for the online stream? Thanks in advance!
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    Will new Loblaws on College kill Kensington Market?
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    Toronto 1 Yorkville | 183.18m | 58s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    The Kitchen and Glass place is not renewing its lease and will be closing down by March. Seems like the developer might be playing a game of attrition with the current tenants. I will be sad to see this store go after so many years.
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    Should the Toronto Islands be kept as-is?

    Absolutely - it was definitely there about 3 years ago last time I visited. Some poor kid got lost in it and I had to lead him out because he really had to pee.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    That's most likely because, as someone mentioned earlier, the Polish word for a Polish male is "polak" and it has a neutral connotation in the language. As someone who immigrated from Poland and spoke the language at home, I never actually realized that it was considered a derogatory term until...
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    National Geographic: St. Lawrence Market the world's best

    By the way, anybody who eats meat but condemns the consumption of dogs is, in my opinion, a hypocrite. Pigs in particular have been documented to possess both cognitive abilities and sophisticated social behaviour comparable to that in dogs (by the way, I`m not basing those assertions on those...
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    National Geographic: St. Lawrence Market the world's best

    Leeks are not the same thing as spring onions (i.e. scallions).
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    Adam Vaughan, Shelley Carroll consider mayoral run in 2014

    My colleague is a Mr. Torontali, but I think he's too busy finishing his Master's degree to be concerned about local politics.
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    The gentleman also appears to be sporting the very first documented proto-fauxhawk.
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    City councillors wants to ban shark fin soup

    There's certainly nothing mythical about polyculture and biodiversity (I guess that's not necessarily synonymous with organic or local, unless the latter was also meant as a proxy for "sustainable")
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    Toronto, raccoon capital of the world

    Oh yeah - wasn't that on Blue Planet or something? I remember Richard Attenborough narrating.
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Great for setting up a solid veggie garden too.
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    City fed up with uncoordinated utility work

    I should clarify - it looks like the sidewalk on the south side is being prepared for tree planting (the sidewalk slabs with the cutouts have been lifted out), whereas the cutouts on the north are filled with asphalt. Perhaps it's a temporary measure to keep people from tossing garbage in the holes?
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    City fed up with uncoordinated utility work

    Speaking of the new paving on Dundas, any idea if there are plans to have street trees along that stretch? There look to be square cutouts in the brand new concrete that seem like they're meant to accommodate trees, yet they're all filled in with asphalt! Is that just temporary? I can't imagine...
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    Toronto Couture The Condominium | ?m | 42s | Philmor | Graziani + Corazza

    Thanks for that update! Good riddance to using the old garage (not that I use my parking space for anything more than visitor's parking, but still!)
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    More Lost Toronto in colour

    Where was this exactly? Presumably on the east side of Queen's Park somewhere, but I can't figure out what has replaced it. Edit: Nevermind - a quick look back through the Then and Now thread reveals that this was located on University Ave. where Mount Sinai stands today.